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how to add segments to a customized mesh?

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Level 5
Feb 1, 2009
Hello there.
I'm using 3D Studio. I'm creating a character model, and at some point during the modeling I decided to add a waist detail to his clothes. I wanted to do that by editing the vertexes on the cloth mesh itself, instead of creating the detail on a separate mesh and attaching it. To do that in this way, I think I would need to add some new segments where the waist is, and then scale the vertexes up a bit to add the detail. A way to do a similar thing that I found out is using the Chamfer tool. But it didn't come out exactly as I expected... it multiplied the number of vertices in a way that the mesh became messy and pointy in some places. I'll add a picture of what I want to do:


The first picture is what I want to insert on the second picture, in the place where the selected vertexes are. I want to edit those vertexes somehow to reproduce what I have on the first picture.

What's the most eficient way to do this?
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