How do I make Black Arrow work on creeps above level 5?

Right now I'm finding that using the Dark Ranger's standard auto-cast black arrow does not work on creeps above level 5. (But still works on player units above this level). It seems to come down to whether the units are classified as a Neutral Hostile or not in the editor.

I've tried looking for a field to change but can't seem to find one.
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Aug 10, 2018
Looks like it's hardcoded to work that way.

You can always trigger Black Arrow using a Damage Engine. This is the only way to detect buffs on a dying unit.

A unit takes fatal damage -> If it has the black arrow buff -> create 1 SkeletonType[level of black arrow for damaging unit] at position of damaged unit -> Add 80.00 second expiration timer to last created unit -> Add summoned classification to last created unit

SkeletonType[1] = Lesser Dark Minion
SkeletonType[2] = Dark Minion
SkeletonType[3] = Greater Dark Minion

It might require some more tinkering to make it work properly but that's the general idea.
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Aug 13, 2013
This might be a silly idea - but would it be easier just to set the Neutral Hostile field to false on all the creeps you're using? Does that have any other effect on the gameplay? And does it affect unit placement in the editor? (I've never tried it so I don't know.)