How do I edit this model? (Power Generator)

Level 3
Sep 5, 2019
Note: I have read several tutorials, and tried using both War3 Model Editor and Mdlvis, still cant figure this out.

I want to use the power generator model without the glowy crystal (picture below). I have removed the crystal and floating symbols by scaling/deleting the vertices, but this glowing thing stays (also in picture below). The only geoset left is the structure itself. So then I started looking at the animations, and I cant find any animation for that glowing thing. I thought it might be a visual ability given to the unit (like Maiev's orb of power circling her leg in the night elf campaign), but I cant find anything about an ability in object manager or elsewhere. At this point I have put in 5 or 6 hours trying to solve this (never used model editors before), and I should probably give up, but I'm stubborn haha.

Also, separate problem, I swear I remember there being a blue version of this generator somewhere in the campaigns, but I cant find it in the mpq files. If anyone happens to know where it is, or can tell me how to change the color (other than in object editor, that looked bad. Just looking to change the color of the gem and magic)

Thank you so much!


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Level 2
Jul 11, 2021
war3.mpq\Doodads\Cityscape\Props\CrystalShield\CrystalShield - blue generator
Open model in W3ME. Open the geoset manager window. Hold the left CTRL and click left mouse button on the geosets you want to delete, they will be highlighted in the manager. delete all unnecessary. Delete unused materials and textures.


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