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[JASS] How Can I Edit to Only Affect One Player?

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Level 18
Mar 16, 2008
When this code procs during a replay, it forces the spectator into cinematic mode, which ruins the replay. Perhaps check player state 'if spectator'? Can anyone help me figure this out?

  • Custom script: call CinematicModeWithoutChangingFog(true, udg_Solo_Group_Red, bj_CINEMODE_INTERFACEFADE)
//CREDIT PurgedandFire
function CinematicModeWithoutChangingFog takes boolean cineMode, force forForce, real interfaceFadeTime returns nothing
    // If the game hasn't started yet, perform interface fades immediately
    if (not bj_gameStarted) then
        set interfaceFadeTime = 0

    if (cineMode) then
        // Save the UI state so that we can restore it later.
        if (not bj_cineModeAlreadyIn) then
            set bj_cineModeAlreadyIn = true
            set bj_cineModePriorSpeed = GetGameSpeed()
            // set bj_cineModePriorFogSetting = IsFogEnabled()
            // set bj_cineModePriorMaskSetting = IsFogMaskEnabled()
            set bj_cineModePriorDawnDusk = IsDawnDuskEnabled()
            set bj_cineModeSavedSeed = GetRandomInt(0, 1000000)

        // Perform local changes
        if (IsPlayerInForce(GetLocalPlayer(), forForce)) then
            // Use only local code (no net traffic) within this block to avoid desyncs.
            call ClearTextMessages()
            call ShowInterface(false, interfaceFadeTime)
            call EnableUserControl(false)
            call EnableOcclusion(false)
            call SetCineModeVolumeGroupsBJ()

        // Perform global changes
        call SetGameSpeed(bj_CINEMODE_GAMESPEED)
        call SetMapFlag(MAP_LOCK_SPEED, true)
        // call FogMaskEnable(false)
        // call FogEnable(false)
        // call EnableWorldFogBoundary(false)
        call EnableDawnDusk(false)

        // Use a fixed random seed, so that cinematics play consistently.
        call SetRandomSeed(0)
        set bj_cineModeAlreadyIn = false

        // Perform local changes
        if (IsPlayerInForce(GetLocalPlayer(), forForce)) then
            // Use only local code (no net traffic) within this block to avoid desyncs.
            call ShowInterface(true, interfaceFadeTime)
            call EnableUserControl(true)
            call EnableOcclusion(true)
            call VolumeGroupReset()
            call EndThematicMusic()
            call CameraResetSmoothingFactorBJ()

        // Perform global changes
        call SetMapFlag(MAP_LOCK_SPEED, false)
        call SetGameSpeed(bj_cineModePriorSpeed)
        // call FogMaskEnable(bj_cineModePriorMaskSetting)
        // call FogEnable(bj_cineModePriorFogSetting)
        // call EnableWorldFogBoundary(true)
        call EnableDawnDusk(bj_cineModePriorDawnDusk)
        call SetRandomSeed(bj_cineModeSavedSeed)
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