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[Solved] How can I detect the walkable areas?

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Level 16
Jun 24, 2009
I just restarted my old fun map project and I've noticed something wrong. There is a Jump ability but with it you can jump out of the playable map area. So for example you can jump into the water or into a decoration and you can only get out by jumping in the correct direction. How can I detect if an area is walk able? In the ability there is a variable that can config the maximum jump distance and I want to detect the farthest possible landing area.
I've only got one solution in my mind and I'm not even sure that it works and so I can't try it right now :/
So that is the idea:
  • TempPoint = XYZ(loc 'n stuff)
  • Create 1 Foot unit at XYZ
  • TempPoint2 = Position of Foot unit
  • If position of foot unit equal to TempPoint then allow jump there.
Will it work? If not, how can I make it?
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