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House Wall 2

There are a lot of house building models out there but I decided to make my own and I decided to share them.

These models are easiest to work with at scale 1.1 in the editor so that it covers roughly 2 tiles in width.

Whatever scale you work with them in they should all have the same scale to fit together.

The Panda made a fitting Icon for this model.


Wall, House

House Wall 2 (Model)

09:10, 8th Feb 2015 MiniMage: Useful.
Level 30
Jul 23, 2009
While I like the simplicity and low file size of this, I think you could have selected a better texture for the yellow part. From ingame perspective, it looks blurry and undetailed. Almost cel-shading esque.

I'm pretty sure you find something better if you browse the MPQ.

What, really? I totally disagree though. I use a very large and detailed texture for that part and sorry it doesn't appear blurry at all to me in-game. You might feel like this because there are no specific effects on the textures like a scratch here and there, or smudge spots etc. but well they are just walls so I don't feel that would look good and hence they look very clean and therefore they may come out as single-colored. However I like them as is, sorry.