HotS Azmodan, Lord of Sin + alts

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Heroes of the Storm Diablo 3's Lord of Sin, Azmodan, as made by Blizzard Entertainment.

This pack includes:
- Azmodan
- Ultimate Azmodan
- Madaxe Azmodan
- Azguldan Azmodan (Gul'dan after he made a deal with the Burning Hells... no, seriously)
- Azmodunk
- Summoned Demons (3 versions)
- Demon Generals (3 versions)
- Demon Troopers (3 versions)

This guy took a lot of work primarily because of his summoned minions; if it wasn't for the fact I was really just dealing with three of them the work put into this rivals the Alterac Pass NPCs

I had considered including the infamous globe, but it didn't turn out that good.

The Demon minions are the same base model (although they don't have the same animations at all); the General and the Troopers just have extra gear on them. The Azmodunk Trooper for whatever reason is smaller than the others, and it seems like it was based off the Summoned demon instead of the Trooper. The Base Trooper actually had a bug in it where the left shoulder was partially attached to the right shoulder (oops), which is now fixed.

The craziest thing about this is for whatever reason Azmodan's skin was ripped upside down. Instead of figuring out how to flip them back I just flipped the UVs upside down as well.

Azmodan is arguably more popular in HotS than Diablo 3. Azmodunk Trailer

"My fans call me Azmodunk. But truthfully, my best plays come from way, way, downtown."

Azguldan Azmodan (Model)

Azmodunk (Model)

Demon General (Model)

Demon General (Azmodunk) (Model)

Demon General (MaxAxe) (Model)

Demon Trooper (Model)

Demon Trooper (Azmodunk) (Model)

Demon Trooper (MadAxe) (Model)

HotS Lord of Sin Azmodan + alts (Model)

MadAxe Azmodan (Model)

Summoned Demon (Model)

Summoned Demon (Azmodunk) (Model)

Summoned Demon (MaxAxe) (Model)

Ultimate Azmodan (Model)