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This is the PvP version of Hero of The Empire, protect you base and destroy the ones of the enemy, this version have a lots of changes compared to the original besides the obvious ones for balance like creeps, terrain, towers, etc.
If you have played the original version you can check the full changes here:

-New Mode: Super fast mode(-SFM): towers are very weak ,you can't build towers, game should end a lot faster.
-Old modes does not work.
-3 New items to buy.
-New unit to hire.
-Level Maximum is higher.
-Fix level up directly goes to 50 after level 43.
-All heroes has more base hit points(different on each)
-All players win gold per second.
-heroes deaths no longer cause lose of gold based in his current gold, now is based on hero level.
-Set starting gold to 2300.
-Building are invulnerable until you destroy Arcane/Skull tower.
-War cry(Blood Grunt)reduce stun duration to 2.40.
-Explosive Blood(Blood Grunt) reduce damage and stun duration in the last 2 levels.
-War Stomp(Goliath) reduce stun duration and AOE in the last levels.
-Ice Field(Wendigo) dont damage building and damage has been reduced in all levels.
-Dwarf Stomp(Muradin) reduce stun duration in all levels.
-Decisive Strike(Dante) reduce stun in all levels.
-Knock out(Blade Master) reduce stun in the last levels.
-Power Reduction(Satir) increases base damage reduction in all levels.
-Remade Rainor Rocket(Marine).
-Lock(Shadow Hunter) reduce duration.
-Reduce Duration of Serpents Wards(Shadow Hunter).
-Reduce damage from Bash of Bear(Rexar).
-Petrifaction(Gorgon) increases casting time and reduce cast range in all levels.
-Reduce damage of Sky Shot( Archer) in all levels and cast range in the last levels.
-Reduce Damage and duration of Bladestorm(Grom).
-Increases damage reduction of Howl of Terror(Necromancer) in the last levels.
-Increases damage reduction of Disarm(Dark Mage) in the last levels.
-Rescale Forked Lighting (Kael) damage and mana cost.
-Reduce Reaper Lighting(Little Child) on the first levels.
-Reduce cost of Emerald and his damage in all levels.
-Emerald on Blade Master only deal 20% of his damage.
-Change Arcane Scepter ability .
-Change Jaina Ultimate ability.
-Change Avatar item ability.
-Weak neutral units doesn't droop items.
-Changes stats of several neutral units.
-Thief only can be used by Light Forces.
-No blacksmith


Unique Heroes:The Game have some unique Heroes like one that have 57 forms and more than 250 abilities or Worker Hero that can do more than 200 differents things between upgrades, unit trained and build building or Team Party that can be up to 7 heroes playing at the same time and lots more.
Build Towers: You can hire a peasant and build one or more of over than 50 differents towers making a big different on the game.
Change Armor and Attack Tipe: All the heroes begin with a normal attack tipe and armor, and it can changed with items to Hero, Chaos, Dragon.
Complete Descripcion of Attack Tipes and Armor Tipes : All the attacks tipes and armor have the information of the percentage of damage that it does or that it recive of all armor and attack tipes.
Infinitely Growth: You can become stronger all the time by level up and buying or finding items more and more powerfulls you will never reach a moment in that you can't become stronger anymore.
Neutral and Items: There are a lot of epic neutral bosses and they can droop lots of different items, the game has over 500 items some you can buy some others you can find.
Tricks: There are several secrets on the game.











-Increases bonus on Light and Dark Forces units for destroying buildings
-Reduce duration in all levels of Shadow Needle and damage in the first levels.
-Reduce damage bonus from Assassin Lance and Killer Blade.
-Reduce damage of Thunder Scepter level 1 and 2.
-Increases mana cost of mur'gul Anfibius Growth.
-Now you can teleport to invulnerable building.
-Shadow Hunter can not use some items like Staff of Discharge and Thunder Scepter.
-Grom Counter Attack not longer hit buildings.
-Watch Tower and Guard Tower have True Sight like others towers.
-Increases Sight Radius of all towers(night and day)
-Some neutral bosses has more hit points and armor
-Fix all Dark Forces building losing Invulnerability with the first Skull Tower death.
-Fix Divine Amulet recipe do not disappear when you complete the recipe.
-Fix Hero Sword giving extra hp regeneration to archer
-Fix Holy Light not working on Dark Range and Necromancer(still the same on some Little Child Forms)


-4 New Items.
-Increases starting hit points of all heroes.
-Increases hit points bonus of starting items:
*Low Quality Armor
*Reforcer Armor
*Quality Armor
*Plate Armor
*Warrior Armor
*Runed Bracers
*Warrior Boots.
*Talisman of The Wild
*Hero Armor
-Gold bounty of some units has change increasing minimum and reducing maximum making it less random(average has increased)
*Footman, Skeleton Warrior, Archer, Crypt Fiend, Priest, Apparition, Knight, Abomination.
-Increases starting gold slightly.
-Reduce duration and damage of Necromancer skeletons mages frost bolt.
-Reduce duration and cooldown of Muradin Avatar ability.
-Reduce Stun duration of Muradin Dwarf Stomp ability.
-Reduce damage in the last 3 levels of Centaur Impaler Poison Arrows ability
-Increases cooldown in the last 4 levels of Muradin Storm Bolt ability.
-Increases cooldown and mana cost in the last levels of Blademaster Wind Walk ability.
-Reduce damage and stun duration of Lava Spawn ability Firebolt .
-Reduce damage of Dark Staff ability.
-Reduce damage of Staff of Discharge ability.
-Bugs related to Dark Ranger Dark Arrow should be fixed(report if is not with a replay)
-Fix Dark Ranger Death Pack not working on Dark Forces units.


Fix Light Forces been harder to fight than Dark.
Increases Gold per second to all players.


Anticheat System by Kitabatake.

Preview Image by Potterheadwhovianlunartic.


-Corrupted Blade by Elaniel
-Glacial Sword (original name: Frost Sword) by Elaniel
-Mugen (original name: katana) by TurtleRacingcar
-Hero Armor(original name: Royal Armor) by NFWar
-Masamune by Dentothor
-Katana(original name: Sword) by Golden-Drake
-killer Blade(o.n:TideShamanRitualLance) by Peekay
-Giant War Axe(original name: UpgradeAxe2) by bananaHUNT
-Soul Edge(original name: UpgradeAxe3) by bananaHUNT
-Ground smash(original name: fire impact) by FrIkY
-Stim Pack(original name: mana injection) by Hybred
-Marine Icon by NFWar
-Assassin Blade-Dagger by NFWar
-Decapitator(original name: Axe of Terror) by PeeKay
-Ability of Water Elemental(original: WaterOrb) by Elfsilver Lord
-Ability of Water Elemental(original: WaterBolt) by Darkfang
-Ability of Water Elemental(original: Sphere of Water) by Peekay
-Ability of Water Elemental(original: CrystalBlade) by Static
-Sword and Shield(original: StormDefense) by Peekay
-Blue Axe by nara-shikamaru.
-Cleaving Attack(original: Attack2) by real138
-Berseker(original: DarkChampion) by 67chrome
-Dragon Slayer(original: DragonBlade) by KelThuzad
-Blue Axe Misile by JokeMaster
-Explosive Blood (original: BrBlood) by CrazyRussian
-HeavyBoots by Peekay
-Veterand Armor PeeKay

HOTE(PvP)v1.01b (Map)

13:21, 1st Mar 2016 Ardenian: Please add credits for the custom preview picture 14:55, 6th Apr 2016 Ardenian: A great PvP version of your Hero of the Empire map. Players are offered a great variety of different heroes and hero...




13:21, 1st Mar 2016
Ardenian: Please add credits for the custom preview picture

14:55, 6th Apr 2016
Ardenian: A great PvP version of your
Hero of the Empire map.
Players are offered a great variety of different heroes and hero difficulties.
Many different combat styles are considered and a wide range of custom item build.

I suggest you to change the colors of the hero difficulties 'Normal' to green and 'hard' to yellow.
PAS abilities should have passive icons, for example the recruitment
abilities of the Party Leader.
The alert range for heroes seems quite high, too, like 1200 range or even more.
Maybe reduce it a bit.

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Deleted member 247165

The abilities of the heroes are awesome, gameplay is good, items are useful. The only thing I don't like is the terrain. You should work more on the terrain. I give you a 4/5 now, after you change the terrain I'll give you 5/5.