High Lady Ranger Tasiana Ioneye

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Proud wife of Rilionas Starrider and daughter of high noble Grand Star Lord Leon’Lior Ioneye.

Beautiful and caring, but a fierce warrior as her skills with a bow is said to be unmatched like her beauty.

She is a doting mother of hers and Rilionas's children, but also stands by her husbands side when battle comes.

Yes this is my High Elven Lady model, but I renamed it and did some changes to her after taking it down

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High Lady Ranger Tasiana Ioneye (Model)

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Level 29
Mar 11, 2017
Idk why but just slapping that intense black color onto the armor makes her so much unique and different from the original :thumbs_up:
An idea that also is a bit on the eye. Can the crystals on her knees also be blue? Maybe use the same type of crystal as the belt with a different shape to have consistency between the head/chest/belt/knees