High Elf Emissary

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I made a High Elf reskin of the Emissary; could be used as the Emissary who talked to Arthas in Dissension.

Here's how he looks like in game:


I also attempted to remove those blood stains on his robe.

20/10/21: used @SevLlanto's Emissary staff with cleaned off blood stains

Any suggestions and/or criticisms are welcome.

High Elf Emissary (Texture)

High Elf Emissary weapon diffuse (Texture)

Level 2
Dec 19, 2021
What program should I use to edit the texture file? do you use photoshop?
I used Photoshop to adjust the color of the texture and saved it in 'dds' format, but the texture file was not applied.
Is there any special program or storage method?
Please let me know if there is another way. please help me