Hide ping in minimap after doing an research

Level 1
Jun 11, 2019
Hello everyone, please help me. I can not hide the ping signal on the minimap when a building completes an research.
How can I hide this, thanks.


Warcraft Moderator
Level 50
Aug 10, 2018
Edit: Nevermind, training units creates a ping too. I was going to suggest using Units as Upgrades but that won't work.

I tried a few things but couldn't find a nice solution. You could always Research your upgrades using triggers and abilities.

"A unit starts the effect of an ability -> Ability being cast = Animal War Training -> Wait 30.00 seconds then Set Research level of Animal War Training to 1".

You can base the ability off of Charged Gold and Lumber to mimic the Gold/Lumber cost. The only problem is if you wanted to cancel the Research you would have to figure out some way of doing that.
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