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Hi, I'm New In The Forum And Seed Some... Units...

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Level 2
Dec 2, 2008
Well, I'm DorgenFlare And I'm New Here, I Need Some Models To Create A New Campagin, ''La Guerra De Me Clase'' (I'm Spanish), Well I Have A Model For Some Of The Heros But I Need More... Here I Post The Models What I Need:

-A Model Like The ''Orc Necromancer'' But As A Human. :thumbs_up:
-The Hammer Of The ''Templar''. :ahug:
-(If Anybody Play WoW...) A Model Like The PJ ''DorgenFlare''. :ned:
-A Gnomish Rouge, But More Thin And (Not Much) Tall. :pal:
-A BloodElf Guardian But With More Animations. :spell_breaker:
-A Model Like Arthas (No Horse, But Not Lich King) But With Red/Black Armors And A Fire Sword. :witch_doc_sad:

That's All, I Hope You Can Help Me, Thanks.

DorgenFlare Orgriner Ragdor
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