HeroWars Ultimate!

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Nov 28, 2009
HeroWars:Ultimate! [ALPHA]


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'HeroWars:Ultimate!' is an Remake of the WC3 ROC map "HeroWars Ultimate 1.7".
2 Teams á 5 Players battle against each other, and try to break through to the enemy Headquarter to Destory it and win the Game.


The game was awesome even if it was very imbalanced. many people played it and games could last hours if both teams had real pro players.

The main goal is now to create an 5v5 Team based HeroWars game with focus on leveling and teamplay, using old and well known abilities but also implementing new ideas and functionalities while listening to the community.

The game is currently in ALPHA stage released on EU servers, and has also an kinda old version on US servers.
Alpha means the game lacks in features and possibilities but is playable so far - and it already makes fun :)

Updates are done slowly because i am working alone and my skills are kinda limited. if you are interested in joining the project, send me an PM!

The Game
What is planned?
* 20+ Heroes. (Melee and Ranged)
* Known WC3 and Completely New Abilities. (3 Standard Abilities and 1 Ultimate Ability)
* Several Items to support you and your teammates (Healingwards, Buff´s, Aura´s)
* Up to 10 different buildable towers to support your team. (heal, slow, aura etc.)
* Waves of sendable Units with different purposes. (Tower Killer, Hero Killer, Ability Waves)
* 10 Levels of Creep Updates.
* Duels - Team and Single Duels up to 5v5

What is already done?
* 7 Heroes. (basic, imbalanced - 6 Range 1 Melee)
* Some WC3ish Abilities. (Root, Stunbolt, AMS, Crit, Evasion, Thorns, Vamp/Command/Unholy Aura and some more)
* Aura Items, Healing/Mana Potions, Stat booster, AMS and some minor more...
* Buildable Bank that increases periodic money income.
* Invisible Assassins (HeroKillers) as wave done.
* 5 Levels of Creep updates. (kinda imbalanced)
* 1v1 Duels every 10 Minutes.

Known Issues:
The game has several bugs, some minor some major - i am working on them, but it isnt that easy, so please be patient and report anything you can to help me improving the map.

* [Major] Wrong Duel Rewards - If the Dark Player wins, the Light player is announced as winner and gets the reward. (working on it)
* [Major] General Imbalance - Creeps are too strong, some abilities are too weak - basically baalance of the whole game.
* [Minor] Thorns/Evasion issue - some players reported issues with these abilities - dont know what exactly, but im investigating.
* [Minor] Player Leaves Events - if all enemy players left the game, it keeps running. issues with other triggers prevent me from easy fix.

(some older are missing but they doesnt matter)

(13.05.2011 - 06:13 CET+1 - v.23)
finally an update! sorry for the lack of updates recently, have been very busy...
- Added info texts to show new players where to buy attributes.
- changed the main attribute and marked it with * * to better indicate what is primary.
- fixed the duel timer hiding behind the leaderboard and decreased time between duels.
- changed health range & damage of towers to make it a little bit easier to kil lthem.

(25.05.2011 - 21:13 CET+1 - v.24)
- Overhauled the Hero Choosing completely.
- Working on Melee Heroes (soon implemented)

(01.06.2011 - 10:01 CET+1 - v.25)
- Added the First Melee Hero - The LichKing!
- Hopefully Fixed the Duel-Reward issue (dark wins, light gets money)
- Changed the Scale of heroes to make them more visible
- Changed the Duel Timer to 60 Seconds after announcement (from 30)
- Added a little symbol for the Primary Attribute

(19.06.2011 - v.30)

- Disabled Duels until theire fixed.
- Added Aura indicators.
- Added new waves and units. (brutalisk, marines, handyman)
- Added new Loadingscreen.
- Added General gameplay-tips ingame
- Some minor balancing

Created "www.herowars.org" - Wordpress website and Forum providing informations, updates and a place for discussion, feedback and suggestions.
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