Hero's Crusade ORPG

Hero's Crusade
Screenshots, storyline, places, characters, credits and how to get around to see them click reaveal Below this TXT

Items Of Map

The great land of Perzena was attacked by demons from the blank and the land fell into a great and dark sleep...
untill some braves knights, mages and Druids came to the land looking for masters...
They soon find out this land needs help and they must give them that help to save the world...
But a demon swooped and stold all of there memories and belonings so they must fight to get there skill back...

Furnal (Village Start off zone)
Kemin (Castle End Game)
The Forrest Of The Trolls (has 2 dungeons ( The Cave and troll Encampment)
Junil (village)
likendor (Town)
More to come!

Furna--------------Forrest Of The Trolls
SS1 Furnal 1.jpg Forrest Of The Trolls 1.jpg
SS2 Furnal 2.jpg Forrest Of The Trolls 2.jpg
SS3 Furnal 3.jpg Forrest Of The Trolls 3.jpg
SS4 Furnal 4.jpg Forrest Of The Trolls 4.jpg

Dual Swordsman (Pitcure still to come...)
Crusader Crusader.JPG

To get from 1 place to another you need to have reputation and gold..
After you get the required amount you have to find a teleporter and talk to them...
They will then ask you where you want to go and tell you how much it costs if you have enough IT will teleport you there...
To teleport you will walk a bridge a the teleporter will cast a spell and will move you there =)

terraining: Hiruty :ned:
Triggering: Deathlyrage :spell_breaker:

Hero's Crusade Stage: Just Started

Okay to battle you need to use a spell called Target Enemy (to target use the spell then select the unit you want...) after that you use a spell called Attack you deal INT + STR - enemies AGI to the enemy and then reduced by the enemies Naterual armor...

AGI = Equiped Armor Bonus
STR = Natural Strength
INT = Equiped Damage Bonus

Well wat about a CD?: well the cd is the spell called Attack CD

To use spells you have a differnt spellbook called Ally Commands you will also have 2 differnt spell books (enemy Commands and self commands) to use a spell on an ally you have to click on a spell book inside the Ally Commands Spell Book Called Your Spells and use the spell you wish Like the enemy target system to target a ally you just keep click a spell called Target Ally and target the ally you want to target

Casting spells onyour self: Unlike Enemy Commands and Ally Commands you dont need to target a enemy you go straight to the spell book containing your spell and then you use the spell you wish to use on your self

Wat happens if i cast Water on a fire base unit?: well if the water is a positive based spell the positive goes to a negitive and does half of the spells effect to damage eg

Water Heal: 100 Hp heal
Use it on a Fire based Creep
Water Heal: 50 HP damage to fire based creep

The exect oppisite happens if you cast a water based spell on a water based unit it heal 200 HP from example above...
but if you use a fire base spell on a water base unit nothing happens but steam so it gains evasion so dun just cast random spells :)
Change Log...

-Fog changed again
-more terrain added
-lighting added
-no more dungeons but bases instead with bosses when all 3 are killed pplz that are in a range of 1350 will be teleprted to a Lewt Area
-All hero Icons WILL BE CUTOM with a screenshot withour there wepeons doing a attack stance that suites the Hero the best eg. Crusader ICON Crusader.JPG ICON (curent picture is unborded ingame pitures will be :) )
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How to move around looks pretty cool, but If you do the class system, I'm kind of hoping you will change the class names :thumbs_up:
Good luck with this also.