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Hero Level XP Requirements

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Level 5
Apr 1, 2010
I have already found out that you can set the required amount of XP for each level by going into Gameplay Constants and changing this:
Hero Required XP - Table
Simply add integers and you can set each level to whatever.
I need to know this:

When you level your hero, for example, lets say you need 400 XP.
You get 400 XP, and level, then the new requirement is 900 XP. Regularly in Warcraft 3, your experience will look like this when you get the new requirement:
400/900 XP
I want to set the current XP to 0, like in WoW, so you have to work your way from 0 to 900. So when I level I want the hero to look like this: 0/900 XP, not 400/900 XP. How can this be done? I believe using the trigger Hero - Set Experience will make them lose a level by setting to 0, which isn't the goal. +Rep to anyone who can help me figure this out.
View attachment Level Up.w3x

The maths are based on the default Warcraft III's XP gain.

  • Hero - Add (-1 x (((50 x ((Hero level of (Triggering unit)) - 1)) x ((Hero level of (Triggering unit)) - 1)) + (150 x ((Hero level of (Triggering unit)) - 1)))) experience to (Triggering unit), Hide level-up graphics
In the test-map, press Escape; it will level up the hero. You can try killing units, you will realize it works fine.

By the way, I will upload/release a map with useful RPG systems.
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