(Hero.Hunt) Tower Defense v2.8

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(Hero.Hunt) Tower Defense v2.8 (Map)

Level 10
Oct 15, 2005
This is an asian map I've been working to translate. Since its portected, I have to start from scratch. However, Its very simple to understand how to play. I've been testing this and so far dont know what the lumber plant does. However, the heros are simple tpo understand. I might as well go throught the routine...

It shows the list of abilities in order when you get them.

so far, the results of playing this are:

Dark ranger: scilence, life drain, black arrow, at level 7, charm.
Far seer: Far sight, feral spirit, chain lightning, level 7 gives earthquake.
blademaster: mirrior image, wind walk, critical strike, level 7 gives bladestorm.
tuaren cheifitan: endurance aura (does not affect towers), war stomp, shockwave, level 7 gives rein carnation.

Post more results if you see em. Got to work on the translated version of this. :cry:
Level 3
Jun 13, 2005
Well, lumber plant does what the name implies: gives you lumber. After upgrading you can sell it for wood, and if you upgrade it further instead it will give more wood. Tauren Chieftain, Cryptlord, Paladin are the heroes that after upgrading are good for blocker players(first TD which encourages blocking with specific towers).