Hero Glows

Level 3
Aug 24, 2018
Hi everyone,
I'm looking to get my hands on a Hero Glow pack, essentially the coloured bases. There is an existing Team Glow resource on Hive but it's Team Colour based and what I'm after specifically is a pack of individual Team Glow colours.

If it'll get done quicker and save you time, I only actually need Hero Glow models for Player 11 and 12 (Brown and Olive Green). I do have the others in the map I'm working on but I never imported the last two as I didn't need them at the time (the time being a decade ago!) and I can't find the original pack I used.

Many thanks in advance.

EDIT: I've found a way of doing this with the existing Hero Glow model on Hive and the new SFX triggers in 1.29, so please ignore this request.
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