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Help with sum stuffs plz

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Level 7
Jan 13, 2008
I wana now how to make a hero map like all plyers start by choosing an hero then level up and when hero die the player is defeated.

i mean i have figured it out a bit. if u take away the trigger who says creat starting units and make an building for each player there they can build hero and go level him up.

But the realy things i need help with is.

When i take away victorie/defeat.
how can i make so when u play with for example an hero u choosed... when he dies u die and ur defeated...

How i make that?

and also when i changed so u can have level 50 with a hero he could just level up to level 5 ? in gameplayconstants :S any one who have msn who can help me with this :S

sry for double posting but its easier if i can do on this way.. how can i make a map with no starting units work as a victorie/defeat map.... thats better :D

i want this....

to delete defeat victorie condidtion. and when a unit die u lost. like this

u have an building for example a farm and when the farm dies u lose.

for all teams example. 4 players have each farm and when farm die the player lose. how i make that one....
:S any help plz....
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Level 9
Jun 26, 2005
*to other people reading this* this guy probably doesnt know what is trigger, and probably very hard to understand us.

*to people who want to help* traslation, he wants a rpg make where you pick a hero and live with it, when your hero dies you go gg, and he wants to delete the default trigger with all the melee actions so no starting unit no building.
Level 14
Nov 18, 2007
For the Hero dying which causes the player to lose...

  • Events:
    • Unit - A unit Dies
  • Conditions:
    • ((Dying unit) is A Hero) Equal to True
  • Actions:
    • Game - Defeat (Owner of (Dying unit)) with the message: ((Proper name of (Dying unit)) + has died!)
This trigger should be okay if:
  • The Player only has 1 Hero.
  • The Player doesn't mind getting defeated instantly when his or hers Hero dies.
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