[Help] Not allow the computer to use the dummy units (for spells)

Level 7
Apr 1, 2011
Not allow the computer to use the dummy units (for spells)?
I want to do that.
because my computer player does not allow to use the skills of the dummy units.
i have custom AI on my map (I did)
but I never ordered them to use dummy units.
Now do not get why not allow them to use their skills whose detonator skills.

sorry for my English :vw_sad:
Level 12
Mar 24, 2013
I'm not sure, but I would try these to see if they work

  • AI - Lock guard position of (Last created unit)/yourUnit
  • AI - Ignore (Last created unit)/yourUnit's guard position

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 58
Jan 18, 2005
Pause the dummy after it is no longer needed to cast abilities. Paused units cannot do anything. Alternatively using locust might also work as I do not think the AI touches locust units.

The problem he is having is the standard tactical AI is casting his dummy abilities from the dummy units. As these are meant to only be cast by triggers or run trigger effects they might be spam-able and result in some pretty unfair behaviour.

It is strongly recommended to pause or remove all dummies after they are no longer required to cast abilities. Similar to the AI, hackers could issue them orders using packet injection to give themselves an unfair advantage. I am not sure locust is enough to prevent a hacker issuing an order via packet injection since locust units are still order-able.