[Help]Cluster Rockets

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Level 22
Jan 10, 2005
Data - Building Damage Factor
Percentage bonus damage to buildings.

Data - Damage Amount
Damage, PER INTERVAL, dealt to targets. If you set a low Max Damage, the targets might share the Damage Amount.

Data - Damage Interval
The duration of the intervals. The standard is 0.25, which means targets will receive the set Damage Amount each 0.25 seconds.

Data - Max Damage
Max total damage dealt per interval. It's best to set this to 99999, so each target suffers the set Damage Amount.

The amount of missles doesn't have anything to do with the spell's damage.
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Mar 19, 2008
To be more precise:

All the rockets and explosion in the middle is just an animation component - for real effect it means actually northing.
Trigger (when first rocket gets to destination) sets the middle point of area chosen as center of circular region.

All units that match target-types chosen will be damaged during spell's duration.

Data - Duration of effect - total duration of effect. During that time the area will damage units around, ofcourse only when interval timer expires.

Data - Damage Interval - interval of periodic timer. If greater than Duration of effect, spell won't cause any damage at all.

Data - Amout of Rocket - visual component, sets the number of rockets fire.
Note: each rocket takes time to be fired, the higher value is set, the greater tinker's channeling time will be.

Data - Max Damage - maximum damage dealt within each interval.

Data - Damage - the damage caused to units within certain region, each time interval timer expires.

Data - Building Damage Factor - determinates the damage taken by building in percantage.
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Level 22
Jan 10, 2005
I really think the Max Damage is per interval, and not per unit.

Look at the standard Cluster Rockets (level 1), for example. Damage Amount: 8.75, Interval: 0.25, Duration: 1.01, Max Damage: 105.
The total damage on one target is 4 x 8.75 = 35. What good is a Max Damage of 105 then, if the total Damage Amount per unit can't pass 35?
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Apr 26, 2011
This post have lots of infomation :


Cluster Rockets
(Thanks so much IgnitedStar!!)
A spell that is known to have quite the array of weird fields and abnormalties.
Damage Amount : Amount of damage that is dealt per Damage Interval.
Damage Interval : Amount of time per when Damage Amount is applied.
Effect Duration : The amount of time Damage Interval is accounted for before it stops checking every X seconds, X coming from Damage Interval. Or... This might also be the amount of damage any one Damage Interval can deal to all units within the Area of Effect.
Max Damage: The maximum amount of damage any one unit can take from a single casting of the spell. Or... This might also be the amount of damage any one Damage Invertal can deal.
Missle Count : Eyecandy only. Determines how many missiles are shown, so if there are more missiles than the duration lasts, missiles will be shown w/o damage, and vice versa. The only way to determine the right timing is by guess + check.
Area of Effect : This goes hand in hand with Missle Count. Even if I extended the Range, I wasn't able to change where the missles landed or how they landed. A test with a large area showed that the missle art is truly just for effect: Even if you use an area of a thousand, the missles will only cover a small area of that thousand, but all units within the Area of Effect will still get hit.
Spell Duration Hero/Unit :This specifies the amount of stun dealt as units get hit according to Damage Interval. This only happens once, as if the unit is hit at any Damage Interval. So, even if a unit gets hit by Cluster Rockets late, it will still be stunned for this amount of time. The same holds true for units that are hit within the area. Blizzard made it so that the stun ended just as the Effect Duration ended.
Cooldown: I feel a need to put Cooldown in here. Cluster Rockets is a channeling spell; if the Effect Duration surpasses the Cooldown, then Cluster Rockets can literally run forever with sufficient mana.
(Thanks Burning Rose:)
Buffs : I've found that if you give the Buff field for Cluster Rockets (Which normally has 'Cluster Rockets', not 'Stunned') the 'Stunned' buff, it doesn't work; the stun doesn't go off. If you, instead, give it a buff based off Cluster Rockets, the stun works, but the damage doesn't. However, the Cluster Rockets buff looks just like the stunned buff, so it doesn't matter as long as you leave it that way.
(Thanks TKF:)
Art - Projectile Speed Does not affect Cluster Rockets.
Other Rockets take approx. .75-.79 seconds to reach their target, regardless of speed or distance. (So if the range is really long, the rockets will go insanely fast, and vice versa)
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