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Hello There Folks!

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Level 2
Feb 18, 2009
Evening folks.

I am Scribe, and, as the name suggests, I do a lot of writing. I believe I have a good, creative flair and have for a while now, been wanting to get involved in projects such as Map Creation. So I figured The Hive Workshop would be a good place to come.

I have never gone public with a map, as I tend to focus on larger projects and inexperience in technical fields restricted me from releasing and in some cases, finishing some of these. I believe joining The Hive Workshop might also allow me to find some folks willing to chip in and help me with this sort of thing, perhaps becoming part of a team on a large scale project of some sort.

That aside, perhaps the main reason I am here is to write, character drafting, script writing, set piece design, I should be able to handle it. In the past I have been in awe at some of the excellent projects exhibited on this Forum and it would be an absolute pleasure to be given the chance to contribute.

Cheers. :thumbs_up:
Not open for further replies.