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Hello, just another New Member Introduction! :)

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Level 2
Apr 11, 2009
Hi, Im new here. I decided to join your member ranks since I have been downloading maps for this hiveworksshop.com for years. Well I cant remember was this page name always the same or did it once maybe change name but still been very loyal to you guys.

Im 21 yo guy from Finland. I play diffrend games everyday and WC3 has been my big favorite for years. Yes Im pubbie, I play WC3 TFT Custom maps and not actually the "ladder". :p I have tested modding diffrend Open maps, including Battleships, hero defences and enfos. Yes its not fair to use other peoples work, but all I did was add some more spices to make the game more fun. I myself hate Battleships Psycho and Ultimate cos I just cant play those maps with my friends since they got way older computers.

Im lookin for some map ideas, and I wish I can find them, like new weapon ideas to battleships, making the game more tactical, fiding new ways to battle ect. (I would love to see pudge HOOK with battleship x) )

Aka. Tredlort
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