Hello im whiskey)

Level 2
Jul 1, 2011
Hello, dear users of this forum :ogre_haosis:

My main accounts on warcraft 3 are Damon and Whiskey
(I Won prizes because of warlock on those accounts, the reason i keep them arround :D)

And im chieftain of a Warlock clan, Clan LoWs and shaman in another warlock clan, clan N0va both on USeast.

Also, im not a mapmaker, but i'd love to learn someday. I'd rather test maps for the moment :p.

(Mainly tested Warlock, Pong, Soldat...)

My favorite map is by far, Warlock, because it is a simple game(hit to kill) but the skill elements included in the map makes it an hard map to become good at.

I think that's pretty much all i wanted to say,

I really think i'll find something interesting to do arround here :goblin_boom:

Best regards!