Hello Hive.

Level 2
Jun 16, 2008
I'm Drew_. I used to be active on TheHelper a couple years back, and last year I was active on Scumedit. I'm now a leader of SC2Edit.com. I'm an ok mapper, but I like doing things like contests and tournaments. I lead (as of this post) Clan CI @ Azeroth. I'm here for WE help and to recruit people/make friends.

Thank you :)
Level 22
Feb 26, 2008
Hello, Drew_! Welcome to The Hive Workshop.

As this is your first visit, feel free to have a look around the site's many forums for some topic or conversation that you find interesting. Don't be afraid to jump right into the community. :thumbs_up:

If you have questions, make sure you use the search feature. We get a myriad of questions posed to our boards every day on all kinds of Warcraft III issues, so your very question may have been answered in the past. Make sure to check out the site rules before you start posting - it will give you a good general idea of how the community is run.

A good place to start would probably be the World Editor Help forum if you are looking for map assistance. If not, then there are plenty of people that you might enjoying helping, or perhaps you'd rather find some forum to discuss your favorite topic. If you're working on a Warcraft map or are looking for a good one to play, the Map Section could be a great resource. Don't forget about all of the other resources as well. Links to their sections can be found at the top of any site page.

Welcome to The Hive! :grin:

Hey, on a related note, I'm also active over on The Helper! Glad you could join us here in any case.
Level 9
Jun 1, 2008
Drew_ and you are welcome to the hiveworkshop.:thumbs_up:

If you are not know rules you can read rules in this link rules.If you have map but don't know were you can upload it in this link maps.And in that link you can download or comment maps.If you have model and don't know where you can upload it you can upload it in this link models or download and comment the models.If you don't know where upload skins you can upload it in this link skins or download and comment.If you don't know where upload your spells you can upload it in this link spells or download and comment it.And in this link tools you can download tools.:thumbs_up:

You are welcome to the hiveworkshop.:thumbs_up: