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Contestants were to create a Neutral Hero or upgrade a Neutral creep into a Hero. HD submissions only.


  • 1st place: 750 experience points
  • 2nd place: 600 experience points
  • 3rd place: 450 experience points
  • Entry: 150 experience points
  • Judge: 25 experience points per entrant
The three winners will receive an award icon representing the winning entry.




MeshHow does the mesh look? How are the balance and scale? How coherent is polygon distribution? Do the shapes complement the model's theme?/15
SkinDoes the model have custom diffuses, ORMs and/or Normals? How good is the wrap? Are the textures appealing, or do they look blurry/stretched from the default game camera and portrait? Do the tones go well together? Is there sufficient contrast? Do the Normals and ORMs create proper lighting for the model?/15
AnimationsDoes the model have custom animations? How natural, smooth, and appropriate are the animations? Do they have character/personality? How well are they executed? Does the model have enough animations to function properly?/15
How well does the model work in-game? Does it feature the necessary attachments, footprints, sounds, and collisions? Does it have a working FaceFX? Is it optimised for minimal disk usage? Does it have enough Team Colour?/15
ThemeHow well does the model follow the contest theme?/15
EffectsDoes the model make use of emmissives, effects, ribbons, or additional custom models (i.e. projectiles/spells)? How well are they implemented? Does the model make use of fresnel, visibility or other .mdl edits?/5
CreativityHow original is the general idea? How inventive is the execution? How distinct is the model from the original assets?/20

  • Judgement: 70%
  • Poll: 30%
FinalScore = (30*Reached_Votes/POSSIBLE_VOTES) + (70*Average_Judge_Score/POSSIBLE_SCORE)

MeshThis is an example of a wonderfully done geoset assembly of both static and moving parts. You've picked the right parts that fit together and make the model instantly recognizable. That is worth lot in "creativity" rating, however speaking specifically about the mesh there are some small imperfections:

~ Armband should have been edited with double-sided texture in MDL.
- There are gaps found in weapons and chest armour piece.
SkinSince you've worked with many different geosets, you've done a good job recolouring their parts so they fit perfectly together. Not only that, the UV mapping was adjusted so the file size becomes much smaller. Adding to that, you also created fitting glow effects and other diffuse/emissive adjustments. The result is very good.15/15
AnimationsDue to this being a heavy conversion, it is almost impossible to avoid slightly awkward movements (unless done in a separate animation program, which wasn't done yet for HD models). Despite that you didn't shy away from using a great variety of animations for spells and even cinematic ones. The work done on those, considering it being a merger of many animated body parts, is pulled of rather well, with the exception of:

~ Death to dissipate seems to be a little hasty (she falls and immediately raises to the sky, could linger on the ground just for a second more).
~ In some cases the feet slide about the ground, same with bottom pair of arms moving separately from torso, but only slightly (that is pretty much impossible to fix in RMS).
~ Broken visibility of "Cinematic Headnod One" animation (it is an optional, bonus animation so to speak, so it's not as critical as stand or walk for example).
IntegrationNo significant issues to speak of here.

~ Resizing of small ORMs is optional, but would save >1 MB.
ThemeObviously a high ranking Burning Legion commander fits the contest perfectly.15/15
EffectsA living character like that should have blood splatter for death animation.4/5
CreativityThe model as it stands, is not just a well dressed alterative of something, but new and recognizable character. It is a great addition to any project featuring the Burning Legion. Where you lost a few points for hard or impossible to achieve technical perfection, you daring to attempt it in the first place and pulling it off, gets perfect rating for creativity.20/20
It is a very strong entry, there are no specific weaknesses to speak of, hence the high rating.96/100

MeshThis is a great dragon rider model, where the extra bits added help to represent the nature of fel orcs. From the armour pieces to the bodies, everything fits very well together in theme and detail. Speaking of orc model, the bits picked help to transform an elegant elf into a savage fel orc (hairstyle, fangs, green goggles as a cool detail for a rider character).15/15
SkinContinuing on the theme of transformation, same can be said about the skin. The diffuse add scaly details to the skin while the recolour preserves all details. Armour recolours help fitting different pieces together. The work on the drake to make him more unique is a nice touch. I must add that making the rider use more steel armour accent helps her to be more visible while riding a dragon covered in what looks like copper armour.15/15
AnimationsBefore I talk about the animations per se, I must mention that the conversion of a standing elf into a rider orc is done quite well. The variety of animations is lacking like in my last entry, because they are dependant on the mount that has no extra options.

~ There is a little bit of awkwardness in legs clipping into the mount.
~ The hand attached to "reins" moves a little funny, but doesn't look too weird.
- Not many animation in the model, but enough to function
IntegrationNo significant issues to speak of here.

~ Resizing of small ORMs is optional, but would save >1 MB.
ThemePerfect and well implemented fit for this contest's theme.15/15
EffectsThe model does not feature any PopcornFX (with the exception of blood splatter classic FX). However the emissive do fit in this category.
Yet I'm still of the opinion that a Nether Drake needs some sort of FX, even if not the original one (think you removed it due to too much distraction), there are options of using any FX in existence recoloured with Retera's pkblaster and then reduced in visibility in MDL.
CreativityYet again, it is not just an alternative version of something but a good conversion/assembly. A female orc and a fel one at that is a great addition for Hive. You followed the concept art and added your touch to it. The combination of geosets and textures deserves the rating.20/20
Another great entry, I cannot say that one department is more lacking than another, the high rating speaks for itself.96/100

MeshThe geosets are done well. There is no need for more detail than it already has, since the Ethereal character is supposed to accentuate the bandaged body over an abundance of armour. Another well done part is the afterimage, All together it deserves a good rating.13/15
SkinI have to respect the absolute conversion of textures into bandages with fitting alpha channels for transparency and a generated normal map. The wrap (heh, literally) works sufficiently well, since you covered some less fitting parts with armour.

  • Sadly from the default game camera distance and default shading, the bandaged body looks a little too flat. You could save the normal map as medium or even strong sharpening to combat that.
  • You modified the ORM for the bandaged body for custom team-colouring, yet didn't actually attempt make ORM texture for bandages themselves, this contributed to it looking a little flat (you could just copy paste the Diffuse and apply some orange-ish colour overlays until it looked like a Reforged ORM).
  • Collar textures could be done better. Since you already touched Diffuse and ORM, you could have made sure that all non-team-coloured ornament parts are golden and not partially grey/white.
  • Main body golden (team-coloured) parts do not really fit the rest of the armour in hue and shading, but only slightly.

⚠️ The issue of duplicate or too large textures will be addressed in "Integration" rating.
AnimationsYou implemented the cool idea of the "afterimage" as a 3D clone/trail behind the model in some animations, this is a very original idea following that of WoW and it is implemented rather well.

  • Each time the character attacks, the afterimage has to jump out and back into the stand ready animation. You could have either make the afterimage displayed in stand ready, or leave it from attack animations.
  • The model uses Illidan's animation set, which are fitting for a dagger wielding character. Yet for some reason despite main body geoset being that of Illidan, the feet move weirdly about the ground, as if it was an animation import.
  • Death animation is not that fitting, he stabs himself with nothing. Perhaps trying to use the Dreadlord's death animation would fit more, making the dissipate some sort of ethereal explosion.
IntegrationWhile FaceFX, attachments, events etc. work well, there is a rather critical issue with the model: the giant filesize that could have been avoided.

  • Instead of creating pink diffuses copies for all afterimage textures, you could have gone into geosetanim part of MDL and simply recoloured them to pink, therefore completely removing the need for a single extra texture.
  • You have a duplicate of the pink main texture which serves no purpose.
  • There are multiple large ORM textures which you should have saved at half image size to reduce the filesize.
~ Another death sound could be used, but one could simply edit the sound kit for an ethereal fixing the issue.
ThemeThis character fits the theme perfectly.15/15
EffectsThe model does not use any FX except the hero glow one, yet the afterimage fits the category of effect, so all is done perfectly here. Blood splatter would obviously not fit here, so it is good that you removed them.5/5
CreativityIt is a very creative idea with many cool additions such as the afterimage.20/20
Thematically the model is really nice, the biggest setback are the critical yet fixable filesize related issue and some texture related things that could be improved.82/100

MeshAnother conversion model, this time using base geoset of the "Overlord" felguard with addition of fitting assets to make an character with unique animations for an orc. While the transformation works (back armour hiding spike holes of the demon base etc.), the addition of some extra orcy armour pieces (shin-guards for example) could greatly improve the model.9/15
SkinThe body recolour is of course one of the most important parts to make this conversion work, yet it could be done better. If you didn't want to use more orcy armour bits, you could have recoloured some of that dark steel to looks like the shoulder pads you added to the model.

  • The recolour of the body is bland, a lot of details seen on Reforged models is lost.
  • You could have retextured the demonic armour to fit the orcy one.
AnimationsWhile the animations are that of the original model they look unique on an orc. Of course if they are unchanged, they work well, with the exception of one small issue:

- Armour could disappear more gradually in decay animation, like in normal Reforged models.
IntegrationNo critical issues here.

~ The FaceFX is of a non speaking character, which is actually ok for an orc brute.
~ Footsteps are a bit small for the character.
ThemeOrcs are native to Draenor and therefore fit the theme well enough, even though it's a bit confusing why he's demonic in appearance yet not a fel orc.15/15
EffectsThis model doesn't really need any special popcorn FX, but a better blood splatter (red blood for orcs) would fit more.4/5
CreativityThe model features more demonic looking armour. If you could have made him a fel orc the overall appearance would fit together much more. There could be an option to transfer felguard animation to an orc improving a lot of the model if done right.12/20
I invited (almost forced ^^) you to the contest quite late and you didn't have much time to make the model. The biggest drawbacks are creativity/theme related for this contest specifically. However it is still a good and unique orc model as seen from the rating.72/100

MeshThis is a "dressed-up-model", akin to footmen and grunts used for CSW, doesn't mean it's worth less than a conversion if done right. Generally the mesh looks quite alright from distance, however some pieces picked are either not really fitting or could have better shape/scale. I think the best looking pieces are: helmet, armoured neckpiece and under-pauldrons.

  • Belt shape doesn't fit the characters hips in upper region at all, could be rescaled making it more cone shaped, rather than a tube.
  • Pauldrons, back armour and shin-guards are a little out of place the way they're scaled (and coloured)
  • Skull mace weapon was actually scaled down in an angle making it look weird
SkinThe skin recolour does improve the model, since blue appears to fit black and gold of the armour, however it could be done better:

  • Skin recolour is bland meaning it hides hues and highlights compared to original.
  • You could have recoloured some of the armour pieces with beige borders to gold, to better fit with rest of the model.
AnimationsThere are no custom animation in this model, yet the attachment of new geosets as well as decay animation is implemented well.11/15
Integration- Footsteps should be present on this character for full rating, no other issues to speak of here.
- Diffuse should be saved as DXT1 in this case because cloth in it it unused and hair is hidden.
ThemeA demon model does fit the theme well.15/15
EffectsThe model does not feature any new effects, yet the emissives of the new geosets do fit the category. A soldier type model doesn't necessary need them in the first place, but could definitely benefit from some fel fire on weapons and such.4/5
CreativityThis is not the most original model, yet it isn't bad at all. A less skimpy but more soldier type succubus is actually a new idea. Having less bulky armour on a slim character would looks far better as well as the use of some FX.12/20
As the rating tells, this is not a bad model, but it could be improved in some ways, especially aesthetics if you're going for a soldier succubus, or female demon generally.73/100

MeshThe model has many cut points, for example between the pauldron and the altar/crest behind, between the left wing and rerebrace or between the tasset and cuisse.

There is a gap between the leg and the leg amour part. The gap is visible from behind. For the rerebrace and vambrace, they didn’t fit the arm entirely making a transparent gap which is visible when zoomed in. Those gaps are the reason for cut points in the armour.

In my opinion, the pauldrons look a bit too big. The altar/crest, pauldron and vambraces’ color doesn’t match the model’s armour color (they are silver while the others are golden). I suggest using Bloodfiend or Doom Guard (Summoned) pauldrons instead (Doom Guard would be best suited since you already use some of its elements).

There is a cut segment of the crystal on the arm. I reckon you use this from the “Queen of Suffering” model so why not use all of “Queen of Suffering”’s arm segment then Re-UV wrap all of them together, it would be better.

Similar to the arm parts, you use the same method to link the armour to the leg (using normal between one geoset and one texture of the leg), because of that, the knee-caps look horrendous. I suggest using the poleyn (knee-cap) from “Eredar Diabolist” or “Doom Guard”. If those didn’t fit your needs, I suggest not using the poleyns at all.

For the altar/crest geoset behind the head, I suggest making some separated bones for it; so that it can move more naturally and in sync with the entire model (for example: Eredar Sorcerer). In this situation, you connect it with the “bone_chest”, so when using “walk” or “stand ready”, it feels like the armour is jammed to the head.
SkinThe model uses two custom diffuse textures without any extra normal or orm textures. The cloth wraps at the arms and hands aren't similar and the color doesn’t look great. I suggest using brown all around from arms to hands or whatever colors but make sure it is the same between the hand and arm part. You should change the cloth’s color at the leg part too.12/15
AnimationsThere are no novel animations, all animations are from “Vile Tormentor”.11/15
IntegrationNo in-game problem. There is FaceFX for non-portriat model and portrait model. There are sounds and blood effects when dead with full attachments and collisions. The model doesn’t have footprints, I suggest using “Archimonde”’s footprints after some readjustments to the keyframe (only when both feet hit the ground).

The first geoset of the model when loaded in Retera model Studio (Vile Tormentor_rig: Pauldron_geo) is not necessary because other details covered it. You should consider deleting it. There are too many team color’s markings, you should dial back at some parts (if you have it on the arms and shoulder, delete the ones on the legs).

In model portrait, I suggest delete some blind parts that cannot be seen through the camera (some arm parts, below the waist part).
ThemeA demon model of the burning legion, perfectly suitable.15/15
EffectsThere is emissive texture but some parts of the model still lack this. There is demon blood when dead. I suggest adding Ribbon emitter to the Axe in “Attack 2” animation.2/5
CreativityElite Succubus is a good idea, fully usable to replace “Mistress of Torment” in future Alliance Campaign of Re-Reforged. There are differences to the original model “Vile Tormentor” like armour, mask, changes of weapon. Your weapon of choice isn’t good enough, I suggest using “Queen of Suffering”’s dagger, the other weapon could be “Doom Guard”’s after minimizing it, you can add Fel Popcorn emitter to both, it would definitely make a difference.15/20
As the rating tells, this is not a bad model, but it could be improved in some ways, especially aesthetics if you're going for a soldier succubus, or female demon generally.74/100

MeshVery good overall, it looks perfect from size to shape of the geoset.15/15
SkinA very good texture color change of “Nether Dragon”. A few spots on the face, neck and ears of female orc have purple residues, which might be leftover color from “Night Elf Runner”.14/15
AnimationsThere is a fine combination between the animation of “Nether Dragon” and the rider. This concept is similar to Owl Moon Priestess Reforged by Retera. There are some other similarities to “Wind Rider” in “stand 1”, “stand 2” and “walk” animations.

The dragon rider’s animations in “Attack”, “Spell” and “Spell Slam '' are naturally modified, run very smoothly too.
IntegrationThere are no in-game problems. Sound and collision work perfectly but there is no FaceFX in non-portrait model and portrait model so sound use is not so varied beside some sounds that don’t need FaceFX. Attachments are enough but “Chest Ref”, “Hand Left Ref”, “Hand Right Ref”, “Head Ref” are repetitive making attachments not appear on the dragon model.13/15
ThemeA very nice model for this theme.15/15
EffectsThe model has “Air_Blood red” popcorn when dead. There are no other effects.4/5
CreativityAdded some details for the model like: Dragon’s armour, glasses, necklace and rider’s fangs, makes it look totally different to the original asset “Night Elf Runner”.20/20
Here is the version with faceFX for variety sound,if you interest https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Bkn2o3uHkhej6PU-P7Kr_U_RMUVabpj2/view?usp=sharing96/100

MeshVery beautiful, looks similar to Ethereal art. Suitable amour size. There is a gap on the left leg but it is not very visible so it is still acceptable.15/15
SkinYou modified it very well, added normal and orm. There are no abnormal textures.15/15
AnimationsThis model uses “herodemonhunter/Illidan”’s animation without any new animation. It looked like you had deleted some keyframes of the leg in all animations so the model looks like it’s hovering rather than standing on the ground.10/15
IntegrationHas enough team color. The model works great in-game with all the attachment, footprints, sound and collision but after_image geoset attachments are redundant because they use the same name (for example: “chest ref” - “chest ref AI”,"hand left ref"-"hand left ref AI"). Even if you add special effects to 2 types of attachment in world editor, there would be just one type that appears. So I suggest that you delete all redundant attachments in the after_image geoset. I see you also use “original alternate ref+overhead alternate ref” in addition to “Morph” and “Morph Alternate” animation, this may be a future alternate update form?.

There are 4 redundant event objects: “FPTxFCR0” ; “FPTxFCL0” ; “SNDxFDFL” ; “SNDxFDFR”. These objects have eventTrack that don’t locate to any keyframe of using animations. FaceFX only works in portrait model but doesn’t in non-portraits, the problem to this may be the bone set of after_image has repeated bone to the name of bone lips sync-EX: L_inr_eyebrow_bind_int, jaw_bind_int, R_upr_eyelid_bind_int. You can fix this by deleting all lips sync bone of after_image and attach the head part to hd_anim_bind_int of the after_image or change all lips sync bone’s names.

I suggest deleting all redundant geoset that cannot be seen by the camera in the portrait model in order to make the model lighter.
ThemeVery good, no complaint.15/15
EffectsThe model has all necessary emissives. You forgot to make Visibility=0 on the collar of the after_image geoset from the “Cinematic Wave One” animation.2/5
CreativityI like your idea, it looks wildly different to the original ones “DemonHunter/Illidan ''. These are my suggestions for you: It seems to me you are making an ethereal model’s weapon so I think you can use fresnel, combine with “Additive” Material. You can decrease the model size by making after_image geoset to use one texture with solid form. After that, adjust the material to “Additive”, change the geosetanim color to pink or add fresnel. This can help you avoid repeating similar textures. You can also divide one big geoset to many parts then add geosetanim color to it. Your model still lacks something to become truly perfect. You can look for some smoke type popcorn emitter or create particle effect of your own then add them to the gaps between the bandages to make the model better. I suggest “Acid boom target-path: Abilities\Spells\Other\AcidBomb\BottleImpact.mdl” can be used in this situation. Using Pkblaster of Retera to change the color to pink then adjust the size to add to the model sp when the model move or attack, you can use rotation to change the smoke direction. It would look amazing.18/20
Thematically the model is really nice, the biggest setback are the critical yet fixable filesize related issue and some texture related things that could be improved.86/100

MeshNothing to complain about when it came to shape and size (Nazgrel's pauldron really fit with this model). There are some cuts at the front and back of the loincloth but this is a common issue. It also appeared in the “Overlord” model by Blizzard. The neckplate and cuirass cut with the pauldrons from behind due to incorrect Re-Matrix.14/15
SkinBased on the “Overlord” model, recolored the texture to green. In my opinion, your green has too much saturation in it, you can make some comparison between your model to other orc’s models (they look a bit greenish and yellowish combined).13/15
AnimationsBecause the model is based on “Overlord”, there are no novel animations. “Overlord” animations really fit with the orcs.12/15
IntegrationThe model works well ingame with no major issues. FaceFX works in both portrait and non-portrait models. Fully equipped with necessary footprints, sounds, attachments and collision for a model but you could improve by adding the growl sound of “Grunt” (SNDxADSK) to the “Spell” animation. I suggest deleting redundant geosets that aren’t visible by the camera in portrait model mode, it would decrease the model size.13/15
ThemeAn Orc champion of Draenor, very suitable with the contest’s theme.15/15
EffectsThe blood when dead is devil blood (green) but not normal orc’s blood. You could add some ribbon emitters to the model’s weapon in “Attack 1” and “Attack 2” animations. There are efficient emissives for the model with full visibility in “Decay Bone” and “Decay Flesh” animation.2/5
CreativityYou’ve fully transformed an “Overlord” into an Orc Champion. This would be very useful for orc’s custom maps but the majority of geosets in your model are from “Overlord” (arm and leg armour parts, loincloth, even body).16/20
I invited (almost forced ^^) you to the contest quite late and you didn't have much time to make the model. The biggest drawbacks are creativity/theme related for this contest specifically. However it is still a good and unique orc model as seen from the rating.85/100

MeshTo me, this is a perfect model, truly pristine.15/15
SkinCustom Diffuse texture has normal and orm texture included. No problem with ingame lighting.15/15
AnimationsThere are some mix matches with “Lady Vashj” animation but the majority of the animations are your creation. You’ve made a perfect animation for “Shivarra” with all necessary animation for a model with a cherry on top is your cinematic animation. All work well.15/15
IntegrationAll necessary sounds, footprints, attachments and collisions for a model are included. I suggest adding the rotating blade sound from “Blademaster” to the “Attack Walk Stand Pin” animation. The model has many redundant bones that weren't used in any animations. FaceFX only works in portrait model.14/15
ThemeA demon from the burning legion, very suitable for the contest’s theme.15/15
EffectsThe model has all necessary emissives and popcorn (hero glow, attack spin, fel fire) but lacks the demon blood spill when dead. It would be brilliant if you could add ribbon emitter when using “Attack animation”.4/5
CreativityTruly admirable and creative, changing a part of “Lady Vashj” to complete “Shivarra”, using available resources in Reforged to complete. A lot of new details were added to the texture.20/20
Here is the version with faceFX for non-portrait model:

hdm2 judging table.png

hdm2 1st.png
hdm2 2nd.png
hdm2 3rd.png

Assigned Staff: @Riki

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