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Hay Everyboaday!!!

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May 10, 2009
I was here since May, I am a good map-maker yet can't put the knowledge together, I have 23 + reputation, and over 600 posts, yet I wanteeeeddd to say hiiiii!!!
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Jul 8, 2009


Thats some great 0IQ flaming there.
Ricardo just got "defeated". Permanently.


Don't bans on this site wear off?

VOID said:
One of the Seven Deadly Sins (Pride). Gilles won't be happy (he is a Christian).

Void said:
I love how he couldn't even think of anything better to name his multiaccount than "hivemodsarestupid".
And I love how you couldn't think of anything better for your user title then Fucken Phoenix.

He also told me to tell you that you are a bad man to hate newbs, and that you are biased. That is all from him.
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