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  • Thanks! Not many people apreciate me all that much. It's always nice to read the complimenting things you say.

    I didn't know you used those words, so getting that outa of you is very cool.

    Edit: I don't know if it's the same way where you live, but i atleast know it is where i do so sorry if this is late, but anyway....

    thanks terradont, unfortunately i didnt make it in time for this years manifest but i had little time to finish the costume aswell... so i just left it at that for awhile.. anyways, i FUCKING love Vampiro320 :)
    Dang, All you need is an excuse like that and no apology will be needed. (Not like I'd request one anyway.) And +I'm sure school has been pretty brutal for all of us. I'm getting in trouble like you wouldn't believe, and I'm not even doing any of it! Some kids trying to pick fights with me, Lots of friends betraying me, false reports about me. And my teachers are all catching wind of it all, and keeping a close/strict eye on me. It's like they hold some personal grudge against me, I even get some correct answers wrong. I've had them verified too. I've had to sit with the administration for thirty minutes for something they claim is going to help me. I must have an impostor or something.
    oh, sorry LT, been busy with work and school lately and......
    ill pm you the rest :(.
    I know It's been a while, but if you are still having this problem, could you take a screen shot, and show it to me?
    Wow....I've never had any problem like that before in my life. But on the other hand, I don't know if I'll keep this one or not, it all depends on the kind of persuasion i get from people.
    oh nice avatar, um i am still really new to variables, so i am having a hard time.
    its like reading Egyptian to me. -.-
    I can't really explain it, i have filled out all of my characters and stuff but it's giving me 0000-0000-0000-0000A-ALL2 or something similar to that when i "-save".
    lol, i am trying to figure out how the save/load system works..... i am so confused.
    I agree squiggly. It's deffinantly turning into quite a party around here, just a few days ago not many people talked here.
    Good question, I'm not completely sure what is happenin either. I don't know who is getting married, but i sure hope I'm invited!
    :/ @ at your fsjal although the art is WAY better

    Also, I'll ask Elenai if he wants to be the priest so you guys wo are reading this - bad luck :p
    And we'll marry each other - be sure to arrive on time, I already got the priest ^___^
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