Haunted castle

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And old abandoned haunted castle or a holiday estate. Could be both.

Finally gave it animation after years of no use. Sadly, this time I didn't come up with a lore or a dedication.

Haunted castle (Model)

General Frank
A bit too many polygons, but eh quality is astounding and very very good. Works in-game. Approved.
Level 7
Jan 15, 2016
Very nice model. If you can, make death animation not instant dissappear the castle.
I like this, but the texture of the courtyard looks stretched and doesn't fit very well. The stairs also have obvious repetition to them.

Courtyard isn't so noticeable at first glance, so I left it with maybe less detailed texture. But I needed to use something to make it more creepy. I didn't get that thing about the stairs though.
Level 7
Nov 22, 2004
Good model. I am using it for my next map update 8.5 of my map Realm of Nosgoth. I am using it for the castle of William the Just (Blood Omen story).

A question. I used the Haunted Castle model with a elevator base destructible doodad. I noticed that in some angles when I bring a unit it seems invisible. I made the castle big like 6 times the normal size. Is there a function in the world editor I have to change relating to sight?