Hatch / Trapdoor pack

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Useful as a "gate" to descend to lower levels.

Recommended usage: Use the "PathTextures\4x4Default.tga" pathing texture and 0.9 scaling value (this fits the pathing texture perfectly).

You're free to edit them as you will.
- Created.
- Tweaked the sound of trapdoor 2a.

Hatch / Trapdoor (Collapsible, variant 1) (Model)

Hatch / Trapdoor (Collapsible, variant 2) (Model)

Hatch / Trapdoor (Sliding) (Model)

Hatch / Trapdoor (Traditional, metal) (Model)

Hatch / Trapdoor (Traditional, wood) (Model)

Moderator Comment:
What a nice pack you bring us. :)
They're well done, even if a bit grotesque in its scale/proportions (what is perfectly adjustable in-game). The fact they have sounds and very effective animations is great. They could feature a Death animation (which isn't alternate), in which the trapdoor is actually broken down. Approved already, for, above all, the great usefulness and pertinence of this bundle at our resource section.