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Level 32
Oct 23, 2006
Welcome to The Hive Workshop!

Greetings Hacker_. The Hive includes many talented Warcraft III modders of all skill levels among its users. New members (especially friendly ones) are always welcome. Take a look around and enjoy your stay, may it be long and productive!

Some good places to start include:Searching the site using the above link always helps, you can learn a lot that way: just reading and learning is usually the best place to start, especially if one feels overwhelmed.

Likewise, the tutorials can really teach ALL of us a thing or two.

The chat room is cool: lots of people can answer questions there.
  • A few other tips that might help too:
    • Always search first! Did I already mention THAT? :grin:
    • When creating a new thread, make the title VERY specific: so the site's search engine (and we users) can easily understand just what the thread contains.
    • Post your new threads in the proper forum: read the descriptions of each one so that you know what to post there.
    • If all else fails, just send me a private message! I'll try to do whatever I can to help.
Level 34
Sep 6, 2006
I like how Wolverabid gave him the usual welcome.

I also love his PM!

Welcome Hacker, I hope you enjoy your (probably short) stay! If there is any way I can make it worse for you, let me know!
Yes.And this stupid cracked Hide IP Platinum is shit.


Epic, might I add.

By the way, congradulations on your -5 rep. You've gone farther than most people have gotten.

I also love his PM!

What PM?
Level 14
Nov 4, 2006
This guy didnt fail..He got exactly what he wanted...Attention & making us angry...Hacker_ I bet you're a small kid trying to ruin it for EVERYONE else like spamming in chat etc...But wouldnt it be funny if you showed your friends & family what you are doing in internet?
If I were you I would of ask for forgiveness & delete all your stupid posts & tell the admins to delete one of your accounts and behave..
Hacker_ said:
You know, one member of this site toled me to spam here.And i wount spam here anumore.OK?Sorry :(
Tell us who it is...And someone must of told you ALOT of stuff...
Tell his name pl0x and Admins will take of the rest.

Btw the thing you called ''hacking'' isnt hacking lol..
You like post : ''NEG REP ME'' oh dude you should have FBI chasing you!!!11oneone
And you spammed some stuff in the chat ... I feel so threatned :((((((
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Level 1
Jan 22, 2008
Necu da kazem ko mi je rekao.I didnt write those messages- your member came to me (its my sister) to give a present for 8. marth and told me to to it.I dont like this forum and i wont smetati vam (jebemti ovaj enlgeski ne znam ni kako se pise).Happy Tauren prevedi.
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