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Gutter City - RPG/PVP

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Level 9
Oct 2, 2008
Gutter City

Working title
all the names are not final

„Lands of Grebza were at peace. City-states had never had more prosperous years. But peace never lasts. A terrible army of undead led by Necromancer Tej attacked the lands. City-states formed a formidable defense, but one city-state made an unexpected turn of events. City-state of Cesun's High Priest of Sun Helion betrayed other city-states of Grebza and made grim pact with Tej.

After two years of losing war against the dead, city-states learned that Helion and Tej are residing in ruins of Cesun. Eager to assassinate them, they sent in their best squads to take them down and inflict the biggest hit ever to the vile dead troops in this, until one, one-sided war.“

What is Gutter City?

Gutter City is a map featuring 3 players in a single squad, compossed of any choise of 3 classes, Guardian, Advanturer and Wizard.

What modes will it include?

Gutter city will probably include 2 modes:
Quest Mode – single squad will have to complete a set amount of random objectives, which will finally lead to an epic boss fight with either Tej, Helion or third boss. This mode will serve as primary focus of the map, as well as a way to gather gear for the second mode.
PvP Mode – this mode will feature squad fights, with up to 3 squads fighting over an objective or in arena style PvP. Gear codes obtained in Quest Mode will be usable here. It might feature a mode like Quest mode but with two squads at the same time.

Only 3 classes and few objectives sounds kind of boring…

Each class has a basic role intended for it, however, it's up to you to use their kit as you please. Each class has primary, secondary, sustain, ultimate and passive skill. You can choose each of those out of big pool of skills to suit your style.
Guardian – his main role is to keep his squad alive by tanking minions. His main role in PvP is disrupting the enemy team.
Advanturer – while Guardian tanks hordes of dead, Advanturer's job is to duel a single stronger mob, taking it down before it can inflict much damage to your squad. In PvP, Advanturer acts as a burster.
Wizard – this guys brings utility to your squad. He can burn down multiple enemys at once, burst like Advanturer and even spec into healing and support.

Who do I need?

Basically I need a triggerer. Someone skilled and hardworking, GUI is just fine. What I could use is also someone to make a loading screen and maybe banners. And a bunch of testers, but map isn't playble yet.

Features to do
-over 50 objectives
-over 24 skills to choose for each class
-enough items to have diversity and not too many
-minions loot and resparn systems
-aggro system
-equipment system ( all equipment will be shown on character )
-in combat system, but only for bosses and players I guess
-skill picking system

What is done?

Mostly just terrain and ideas. Terrain is about 80% finished, just need to revamp few zones and add fine details.

About me
I want to finish this project, though I'm afraid I can't alone. And another thing to point out. Progress will be slow, because I can only dedicate about less than an hour a day, maybe 2-3 on Saturdays and Sundays.


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