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GUI, new actions?

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Level 19
Aug 16, 2007
I don't really know if this is the right forum, sorry if it is. Someone can move it to the right forum if this is wrong.

I were looking around in the World Editor and I found alot of actions I've never seen before in there. I think they are from patch 1.24?

  • Unit - Knockback Knight 0000 <gen> with speed 30.00 using angle of ((Facing of Knight 0000 <gen>) + 180.00) degrees last for 20.00 seconds with movement type (Line vector)
  • Unit - Fade Footman 0001 <gen> in 5.00 seconds with start trans 10.00 and end trans 100.00
  • Unit - Slow Rifleman 0003 <gen> for 10.00 seconds
  • Unit - Cause Rifleman 0003 <gen> to damage Footman 0001 <gen> every 0.50 seconds dealing 5.00 damage last for 30.00 seconds using damage effect Objects\Spawnmodels\Undead\UndeadLargeDeathExplode\UndeadLargeDeathExplode.mdl and damage options Magic and Normal damage options
  • Unit - Enable unit revive for Neutral Hostile using delay value of 5.00 seconds for units and -1.00 seconds for heros
  • Unit - For Player 1 (Red) create dummy at map center which will expire in 0.10 seconds
  • Item Config - Create new item config
  • Sleep 0.10 seconds
And alot of more actions, but the problem is... All those actions causes errors!?

The errors says: "Expected a function name".

I downloaded Jass NewGen Special yesterday, may it have caused the original World Editor to act weird?

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