(GUI) Advanced Armor/Defense system

Level 10
Nov 24, 2010
I am requesting ideas/demo map/triggers, how could i make this system:

Lets say:
Attacked unit has 20 armor
Attacking unit has 30 damage
So it will does Attacked Units armor - Attacking Unit damage = 10
any idea how can i make it?
only count for normal attacks, NOT for spells

+rep and credits
Level 16
Aug 7, 2009
Well, actually "Attacked Units armor - Attacking Unit damage" = -10, not 10 :p

Also, what you need to achieve this:
-A damage detection system that allows you to block the incoming damage if you want;
-You have to know the actual attack damage of your unit;
-and a trigger that handles these things for you.

So how is this done on my map? It's plain simple:
I've implemented J4L's Damage system. Using this system and by triggering all spell damage I can easily determine whether the incoming damage os from spell or from attack. Each time a unit is attacked the trigger blocks all the damage and fires the proper method with the calculated value (armor, armor penetration, things like that). The method checks if the unit is alive, handles absorbs and crits, fires the proper events and if the unit has Lifesteal heals the attacker.

This is the only way I can imagine.

PS: about the triggers: well, the whole damage and heal thing is in one long vJASS trigger, it's 50% hardcoded, so I won't post it, sorry. But you can easily recreate it or ask someone to do it for you.