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Towering above even the largest of Ogres and Ogron are the Gronn. Colossal mountains of muscle, rocky skin and a single piercing eye set above a large tusked maw.
They are ancient offspring from Grond, made by the Titans to battle the Evergrowth which threatened to consume all of Draenor. Only outmatched in size by the larger Magnaron.
In The Burning Crusade adventurers could battle the seven sons of Gruul; Skulloc Soulgrinder, Grulloc, Goc, Maggoc, Gorgrom the Dragon-eater, Slaag, Durn the Hungerer and against Gruul the Dragonkiller himself.
Gronn are at the top of the food chain and even Dragons, Colossi and Giants fear these hulking brutes.

Based on the Gronn from World of Warcraft.
Comes in five versions: Red, Charcoal, Yellow, Brown and White.
Team colors included.
Custom icons available and only one custom texture needed per model.
Please credit me if you use this model.


ogre, gronn, cyclops, warlords of draenor, the burning crusade, horde, breakers, outland, world of warcraft, wow

Gronn Brown (Model)

Gronn Brown Icon (Icon)

Gronn Charcoal (Model)

Gronn Grey Icon (Icon)

Gronn Red (Model)

Gronn Red Icon (Icon)

Gronn Slam Icon (Icon)

Gronn White (Model)

Gronn Yellow (Model)

General Frank
The models still contain a lot of unused tracks (like these: =https://www.hiveworkshop.com/data/ratory-downloadables/c637e77b9a629572fb2af09d9cfdec81-1639763700-600/GronnTextureRed.blp"]Sanity Test ) You can plug in a .mdx into this page and it...
Level 52
Dec 29, 2014
Used Sanity Checker on Furion from Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos and it shows 294 warnings from tracks being the exact same or close to others.
Not entirely sure how to read this tool.
Geosets: Which ones? What are the faults?
Or any other in game model.
I have used this tool to remove the unused keyframes: Model Optimizer and Converter v1.2.1
But on some models even if I remove those, they show up in the Sanity tool. But, after I check some more options in Model optimizer and converter(like "delete invalid keyframes", "delete same-ish keyframes") it does remove the unused keyframes, but the geoset animations are all screwed along with the particle emitters and effects, plus I get a lot of severe warnings in Sanity Checker after doing that...
Level 27
Mar 1, 2017
The models still contain a lot of unused tracks (like these: Sanity Test )

You can plug in a .mdx into this page and it should give you an optimized model.
Please fix these issues.
Tried clicking the Sanity test link but just shows errors saying no sequences or textures.

The link to this page does not seem to work. Google it a few weeks back howvere and used it to optimize the models.
The newly optimized ones are smaller than the previous ones.