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Greystone Path

A Cobblestone texture I made long ago - it was originally intended for an old project but since that one got shifted over to a different direction, I decided to upload it. The stones are hand-drawn but the background between them is a dirt texture by Born2Modificate - it was originally going to be used alongside his textures hence why I used it as a fill between the stones. Sadly, the original .xcf files got lost last year thus I cannot really change the background without reworking the whole thing and I simply lack the time to do that. Hopefully, it's not a problem.

Anyhow, enjoy and feel free to tweak it as much as you need. Just remember to credit me and B2M.

Edit: second author added by Heinvers.

Greystone Path (Texture)

Well done. Approved!
Level 21
Dec 4, 2007
I think tiles like these are much required, since the old cityscape stone is overused and full of seams.

Sadly, this tile is of limited use in its present form, because:

When overriding other tiles:

When overridden by other tiles:

As stated by the author, it doesn't matter if you fill the edges with overriding tiles.

Deleted member 212788


Deleted member 212788

@A]mun You mean adding a border like the City/Dalaran Round tiles and other such? Yes, that was at one point in development - right around the time where I had to switch drives and consequently lost a lot of the tiles in development (I was originally planning to release a pack of 5 tiles but alas, most are gone for good). In any case, as soon as I get some free time, I'll see what I can cook up with the 256x256 .tga I have currently.

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Deleted member 212788

A bit of an update - he's a more reddish tint I made recently since I needed to adjust it to fit a style I have in mind.


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