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Graveyard Defense 2 9.3m

Submitted by Hormonij
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
~~Moderator Description~~

Graveyard Defense is a survival map where you have to pick a hero and defend your grave against invaders.
You have the aid of local townsmen, but they will not stand long without the aid of mighty heroes.

Whenever your hero dies, revive him at your grave (top right part of the map).

Graveyard Defense 2 9.3m (Map)

15:51, 25th Jul 2008 Rui: OK for a defense map, but needs slightly more work on the terrain and the items. See my full review here.
  1. 15:51, 25th Jul 2008
    OK for a defense map, but needs slightly more work on the terrain and the items.
    See my full review here.
  2. Rui


    Jan 7, 2005

    Rui's Review
    [+]The map is machine/net-friendly and does not appear to lag.
    [+/-]The map has an author name and is finished, but lacks a description on the Hive. I have inserted this manually.
    Watch out for grammatical mistakes.
    [+/-]The terrain was OK, the shape was good, but it needs more besides cliffs and trees surrounding a fortress.
    [+/-]You made a decent use of missiles and spell effects.
    [+/-]I doubt anyone would play the map unless they're bored. Although it is interesting at first sight, it would quickly fall into the depths of forgetfulness.
    [+/-]The map is slightly original, however, it brings nothing new to it's map type.
    [+/-]A decent use of the Object Editor. Although I don't like the huge amount of heroes, the spells have correct and complete descriptions.
    Items, however, need to be re-thought.
    [-]Creeps sometimes do not run, and stay back until they are pulled. This is annoying, especially against mini-bosses.
    [-]I did not find the items balanced.
    A clear thing about this game is that you are either imba or weak. Try to make the balance stand in-between.

    Like I said, a map that only fits for when you're bored.
    My rating for this resource is 5/10, approximately 3 (Useful).

    If you have questions or complains, post them in the Map Resource Moderation.

    ~Thank you for using the Hive Workshop
  3. shadow487


    May 9, 2009
    when i tried hosting this map on b.net:
    1. map was sorta big so it took a while thankfully some people had patence
    2.the map looked really great!
    3.the map lagged like shit couldent even alt+f4 restorted to system reboot