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Grand Chase Dungeon Arena

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.

Grand Chase Dungeon Arena

Created by James Liam/TimeMarble

Map Info

Based on the online game Grand Chase created by KOG, this map features all characters of Grand Chase from Elesis to Lime and all the dungeons from Silver Land to Archemedia. It also includes the event dungeons; Nightmare Circus, Underworld Express, and Phantasmic Sector. The players' objectives in this game is to join either Serdin or Kanaavan team and choose from 17 different characters; Elesis, Lire, Arme, Lass, Ryan, Ronan, Amy, Jin, Sieghart, Mari, Dio, Zero, Ley, Rufus, Rin, Azin, Lime. Players must earn titles from different dungeons and whoever will get the higher kill points after the final dungeon will win the game.


After 5 sec of the game, a dialogue box will appear where it lets you choose if you wanna have Phantasmic Sector or not. Be sure to press no if you're going solo or with no player enemies because this map doesn't have AI.
And after 3 sec, the dungeon will start with a 3 minute timer with the name The Boss will come in. After the timer expires, the first boss will appear. After the boss is defeated, the timer will repeat and the game will proceed to the next dungeon. The game contains 15 dungeons, so it would probably take long for players to finish it. But there's another version of this map (Relay Dungeon Mode) which will only have a 30 sec timer for each dungeon. The monsters are easy to defeat (except for Heroic Dungeon and Phantasmic Sector monsters) because it concentrates more on the Hero Arena side of the game.

Some else stuff about map

  • Item Combination System
  • Heroic Dungeons
  • Phantasmic Sector Dungeon
  • Skill Trees
  • Lots and lots of custom spells
  • Sounds

Screenshot of the Map


Image Description
Screenshot of the map

Ley and the Tree of Life


Image Description
Ley and the Tree of Life at the Boss Stage

Azin at the Serdin Base


Image Description
Azin at the Serdin Base

Azin and the Creeps


Image Description
Azin using an air kick to the creeps

Lire and the Creeps


Image Description
Lin using charging shot at creeps

Special Thanks:

Models: People from hiveworkshop.com; WILL THE ALMIGHTY, Champara Bros, JetFangInferno (Mostly for the special effects), Bon_Jovi, Kuhneghetz, Mc !, crl, shamanyouranus, CeDiL, sPy, Pyritie, darkdoom, D.O.G., DonDustin, Daelin, PrMosquito, General Frank, Misha, Suselishe, EnetheruAnuon, s4nji, Weep, CoffinPuppet, Tarrasque, Ampharos_222, Callahan, Usedwell, DeepSeaKraken, Tenebrae, Dargoth, Vestras, HappyTauren, Dionesiist, -SkatinG_CoW-, Nasrudin, Darky29, donut3.5, Sven, and Callahan.
Sounds: Some of the sound files were extracted from different sound.kom files with a kom extractor made by Sir_Taec from elitepvpers. Other sound files were from youtube videos of the character's voice pack and are extracted through the flvto website. Others were taken from grandchase.info. All sounds were fixed and their filesize were lowered through the use of Audacity. All sounds belong to the Grand Chase.

Tutorials/Systems: Thank you to all of the people from thehelper.net and hiveworkshop.com for their tutorials and all the help I've got from them.

Icons: All Icons belongs to the Grand Chase. I do not own any of the custom icons in the game.

Author’s Notes

This map is actually not finished. Not finished in a way that it's not playable but there's more to it. Unfortunately, I'm not interested in continuing this map anymore. Our computer broke one and a half year ago, and the map which was 95% done, disappeared. I was able to recover a backup file but it was only 70% done. It made me lazy to continue so I abandoned it. One and a half year later, I came back to it because I didn't want the work that I've done to just end up with nothing, so here it is. I hope you like and please rate and comment.

Warcraft III Frozen Throne, Warcraft III, Frozen Throne, TFT, Grand Chase PVP Match, Grand Chase, PVP Match, Elesis, Lire, Arme, Lass, Ryan, Ronan, Am

Grand Chase Dungeon Arena (Map)

15:26, 7th Apr 2015 StoPCampinGn00b: As it stands, the map is set to needs fix. A reviewer seems to think that the quality is fine, but in terms of the map following the rules, it's breaking one. You aren't allowed to have that imported content...




15:26, 7th Apr 2015
StoPCampinGn00b: As it stands, the map is set to needs fix. A reviewer seems to think that the quality is fine, but in terms of the map following the rules, it's breaking one.

You aren't allowed to have that imported content unless you show us you have permission.
Level 22
Aug 27, 2013

anyways, I think this line should be more readable to warn people.
After 5 sec of the game, a dialogue box will appear where it lets you choose if you wanna have Phantasmic Sector or not. Be sure to press no if you're going solo or with no player enemies because this map doesn't have AI

other than that, this map seems quite interesting. I'd love to check this out. :>
Level 21
Jul 6, 2014
Yeah, I just found out that grand chase is finished incomplete. I actually haven't played it for the last one and a half year but I'm still gonna put this out there.

For Archimonde, this isn't skyrim, this is grand chase.
I was referring to Skyrim being pinned to your toolbar
Level 19
Jul 14, 2011

Grand Chase Dungeon Arena

By: James Liam/TimeMarble

What is it?

Grand Chase Dungeon Arena is a multiplayer arena map.
It contains two teams - the Serdin and the Kanaavan, each containing a maximum of 3 players.
The goal of the game is to complete all 15 dungeons while competing against your opponents.


The map contains a wide variety of heroes and custom abilities, as well as various items and even pets.

There are 17 different characters, each having 5 upgradeable abilities and 2 given by default.
The majority of the abilities are custom and offer for a lot of different mechanics.
Each hero can also buy a number of character-specific items which boost their attack damage.

The creeps also have primarily custom abilities, a large amount of which can disable your hero, e.g. stuns, roots, slows, etc.
There are also warnings before bosses cast certain abilities, offering time to dodge.

The items are sorted by class - you can only have one items of each class.
Items dropped by creeps can be combined into a set to conserve space and increase the bonuses.
The sets are 'multi-class' - you can have only one set, and cannot have any items used to create a set.
They also have a level requirement - you need to be at or above the required level in order to have the item in your inventory.

Pets are buyable companions, mostly in the form of items, that follow you around wherever you go and either give access to active abilities,
or auto-attack nearby enemies. Some heroes can summon pets for a short amount of time.

There are also detailed descriptions of the creeps and dungeons which are shown throughout the course of the game.


The terrain of the map is fairly empty and flat but due to the genre and size of the map it doesn't need anything else.


The description of the map contains everything needed: screenshots, credits and a brief description of the game, above all else.

Bugs and suggestions

  1. Creeps try to target you with abilities even while you are invisible and dead.
  2. The bosses' warning messages seem too plain and a bit hard to notice. I suggest you to make them as floating texts above/next to the boss itself, and perhaps change them to something less plain.
  3. You use spaces to separate lines in tooltips which doesn't always work as intended. I suggest you use '|n' or physical linebreaks(copy-pasted) instead.
  4. Pet and ability tooltips are rather scarce. For example, Lass' Invisibility Stick ability says that it only gives invisibility for 15 seconds
    while it also give bonus damage on the next attack.
  5. The abilities seem to follow the QWER convention but aren't given and placed in the same order.
  6. Edit: Although the icons fit each other very well, they dont really fit the models.

Final vote:
Rating: 4/5

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