Golden Order Units

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Units for the Golden Order

All models will use the same texture ( GoldenMetal.blp)

Basic unit
Base model: Captain by Asssssvi

Healer/Caster unit
Base Model: Priest by Elenai

Golden Footman (Model)

Golden Footman Icon (Icon)

Golden HighPriest (Model)

Golden HighPriest Icon (Icon)

High Priest Portrait (Model)

General Frank
Again, geosets cannot be referenced by two gesoet animations at the same time. Geoset should only be references by only one geoset animation. Please fix these issues and check with sanity checker for smaller issues.
Level 7
Feb 15, 2021
Even Forged Hand of Palatinate unit models were easy about the Golden Order units but they have more units of Golden Order have Archer, Rifleman, Spearman, Crossbowman, Mounted Footman and more to be added at the bundle.