gold mine lvl-1, gold mine lvl-2,...

i need a way to make different kind of gold mine, and if its possible, different king of tree.
Gold mine lvl-1: a worker will gather 1x its cargo (10 gold each time for worker lvl-1 and 20 gold each time for worker lvl-2)
Gold mine lvl-2: a worker will gather 1.5x its cargo (15 gold for worker lvl1 and 30 gold for worker lvl-2)
Gold mine lvl-3: a worker will gather 2.5x its cargo (25 gold for worker lvl-1 and 50 gold for worker lvl-2)
Please tell me how to do that.
Level 8
Jan 8, 2008
I don't think you can change gold mines themselves... but by using triggers you can do something like this,

Events: When unit enters region 01 ( make a region around the GM)
Conditions: Entering unit = Peasant lvl 1 OR Entering units = Peasant lvl 2 OR Entering units = Peasant LVL 3
Effects: Replace entering unit with a peasant LVL 1,2,3 (Your choice)

That will change your peasants levels so when around a gold mine near the bottom of the hill the peasant will be a level 1 peasant as in it will gather less.

If you wish to make a peasant '2' so automaticly wherever it is it already has a gathering bonus just add an extra trigger to that region but replace 'peasant lvl 1,2,3 with peasant 2 lvl 1,2,3'.

So that means if you have three tiers, levels or sections to the hill and for example four different types of peasants that means you must need, a x b = c, a = tiers/levels/sections, b = types or peasants, c = unknown number/variable,

So in this case, a x b =c is 3 x 3 = c which obviously is 9, you will need nine peasants in total.

Hope this helped.