Godfall Chronicles

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This the the first campaign for the series Godfall chronicles. In this particular campaign you will take command of army of guilds, a human race with considerable technological advancements.

The gameplay is not linear, which means the story isn't really connected between the chapters, they are just representation of major battles the Vanguard guild in last years. Sort of Age of empires 2 campaigns (especially conquerors). So you can play in the order as you wish, although I tried to sort it depending of difficulty.

Maybe many people will not like it, but there are no cinematics. I think that this way is better than those non-skippable cinematics which are very annoying.

The team:
Em! - original idea, terrainer, event triggerer, modeler, object data editor
Mechanical Man - system triggerer, modeler, debugger, idea complainer guy

Dwarf Engineer - Gar'nogal for Skin Ket for Model spanner by ike_ike.
KnightHelmet - shadow1500
Royal Captain - Tranquil
MedivhAssassin - soulreaver6
Spanish Conquistador & Icon - BlinkBoy
SentryGun & Icon - Domokun
Faerie & Icon - donut3.5
Male Elf Ranger & Beastmask - Mc !
Wareagle - Garfield
Sylvanus & Glade Guard - Hueter
Elvenrider - SinisterX
HighElvenEagle - Garfield
Gun - Callahan
FairyHero - Phoenix-IV and Tiki
DruidoftheTalon - CharlieX
Goblinskin - ExN
OrcWarmongerskin - Dragonskull
OrcArcher skin - Gar'nogal
OrcChieftain - Borrowed from War1 project *Believe Rommel made it*
Mounted Force commander Skin - Hueter
Dark potion icon - Egg
Special Thanks to Thorneon for answering a request and fixing the medical center skin
HE Enchantress - Rommel,Mystie & Celestea
WoodElfDruidess\Nymph - NatDis

Special thanks to Radagast to make a terrain for Desert march, Ghost765 for terraining a part of highmount and fixing some tooltips and Ghostwolf for removing a leak from one crucial trigger.

It's not a top quality campaign, many things can be improved, but it would take too much time to mess with it, even though many things were optimized. We will take criticism and try to fix mistakes in the future campaigns (or hopefully also a multiplayer maps).

Godfall Chronicles (Campaign)

22:30, 7th Jun 2009 by bounty hunter2: A well done campaign, in need of some polishing and terrain improvements. Approved with a 4/5 (Recommended) rating. You can find my full review at post #33.


Map Reviewer
Level 54
Jun 4, 2009
Some parts are better than in the sequel, some are not.

-the campaign screen looks.. strange

-I think Reinforce is better made here. This way units can't use the ability themselves and then risk not succeeding in doing so because of some seconds remaining for the cooldown of the ability
-not sure if towers should train units or not
-I've reached level 3, the leveling up quest completed but when I tried to select a new attribute the level of the hero became 2 again (this happens anyway, regardless if the player chooses an ability improvement or not). The player can do that at an infinite rate as long as there are units to level up. Funny thing is that the chosen ability remains (if it's one of the bonuses to Offensive and Defensive spells)
-here, the leaders of the battalion can become harder to select (especially when they have the Guard Post's aura effect on them), but the advantage is that here, units from a battalion may be controlled
-the Capture ability needs a cancel option in case the hero is attacked and may die when having low health

-the defensive skill disappears from the hero's spells to choose from in the level up box
-the aura cannot be improved (though it has level 1 in brackets after it leading to think it could be)
-should mention in brackets or somehow, either after the name or in the description of spells, which is considered offensive and which is defensive
-it's hard to Reinforce since there is no number to know how many units are left in a battalion besides from moving each battalion on open ground to count by eye or double clicking
-at some point in the level, the purple AI stopped attacking, quite early in the game
-what could be nice for heroes, is items
-hey, I don't know how you made the building system in the sequel but here it can't have the money loss effect. Did you use something like Summon Building from the Acolyte for Godfall 2?
-I did not see an enemy capturing Windmills
-Nicolas tries to repair the Gold Mine while it's being recreated after it was owned by an enemy and destroyed
-it seems some mountains can be climbed, like the ones in the north where the purple AI has troops and buildings on

-well, combining Credits with Optional Quests is not lovely to the eye
-if Guard Posts can train units, why can't they also Reinforce?
-Cannon Towers still have Rally Points
-Handgunners have a bigger range than Cannon Towers...
-Cannon Towers have the same HP as the Guard Posts and the latter even have a slot for armour upgrade
-upgrades take a lot of time to research, mostly because Power is mainly gained from battles and playing with many/most troops as Halberdiers is not fun
-I don't know if it was intended but building Settlements increases the Leadership by 15 each time
-I suggest naming all Captains like: Halberdier Captain and so on
-level 10 shouldn't be the maximum level when there are still abilities to add
-it's better to have troops mimic the leader's actions instead of following him
-sometimes when leaders change, I get the No Upkeep message (when near or at 50 Leadership)
-entered the Ruined Tower but couldn't move further into it because of, maybe, Path Blockers. Oh it's just the first Tower. Nope I think it's a bug because it happens in the second tower too but a bit deeper in the cavern system. Some units pass, others run around in the same place like they can't pass but try to. Funny thing is that I could get out through the first tower (the one near the player's base)
-Cannon Tower limit (6) does not work. More than 6 can be built. The limit is a bad idea anyway, especially in this level
-the Ruined Tower, north of the yellow base, does not lead anywhere
-the Gold Mine has an ability called Load Wisp
-the blue AI's hero looks exactly (even the (red) colour) like the one the player starts with but mounted and his name is Renoth the Black as the player's hero. I think the player should have had Arturus Trevon or something
-the player's melee hero's first spell has the Hotkey "S" as the command Stop
-not sure how the AI is/was supposed to work, but first, the teal one attacked then, after it was defeated, the blue one attacked and then the yellow. Well, I don't think the yellow even attacked once (train troops and send them)

-when a building has already been captured by the player, the ability should not take effect again on that building
-it would be nice if Windmills would have a description on them informing on how much income they're giving and after how much time
-the Academy can be built on parts of other buildings (their selection circles may intersect or even pass through each other). By the way, the Academy does not have Fortified Armour type, but Heavy. Settlements can be built even more one inside the other
-the NightGuard do not use their Gold Mine
-Land Mines do not activate when Sprites and Pixies come near them but they can be attacked by the Force Commander and melee units
-the Engineer should not have the Build ability anymore after unpacking a Repeater
-it would be nice to have the "Attack lands and or air units" in the description of troops
-Snipe Mode does not affect the Captain too but only the rest of the battalion
-if you don't want a Gold Mine for the player from the start, at least place more Windmills. It's not fun capturing them (Windmills and the Gold Mine) from the ally
-if the ally's hero falls, he doesn't make another one
-the leader of a battalion may spawn in the middle of it, if there are buildings around the place of appearance. Thus the battalion will remain there regardless of the building's Rally Point
-the blue Computer seems to have limitless troops. Does it train faster than usual?
-the yellow player doesn't even have a Gold Mine or at least a Windmill. Resources are quite scarce on this map and the blue AI is quite powerful. I haven't tried a full scale assault on High Upkeep as I usually don't pass the 50 line but seeing as how the blue troops just came and came, I doubt it would have made that much of a difference.

I've enjoyed this one too even if it, basically, lacked story.
I can't go line per line, because it's an old campaign and full of glitches and unfinished features. Battalion system is entirely in gui here, which means it's even more full of leaks. AI is inexistent, it's just training and sending units against you. This is why they don't gather anything. I can't say much about heroes, the guy who posted above me knows more about it. I just remember the first first one had captains and heroes separated, captains weren't leaders of squads, but units which could capture resource locations. Upkeep is one thing we removed, because it didn't fit the game, the no/low upkeep happened because captain is ressurected so you get food back. Ruined towers and underground caves were nice rpg like addition, although with mass units they don't fit well (but ... dragonshard). Although I hope there will be more underground dungeons to explore.

And yes, I use acolyte's ability to build in Godfall 2, along with many other things.