Goblin Combine

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This model is based on two ported models from Dungeon Siege that Cookie made in 2003/2004 (Goblin Blaster, and Goblin Blitzer).

In 2013 I worked with infrenus to to make a combined version for BTT.

Don't worry! It's safe, there's a grounding line in the rear.

It's meant to fire lightning. If you use it that way here is the proper setup:

Art - Projectile Launch - X - 25
Art - Projectile Launch - Y - 70
Art - Projectile Launch - Z - 130
Scaling Value - 0.8

Goblin Combine (Model)



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Aug 3, 2004
it's a nice model, although i'm wondering why the shield at the front isn't either always up or always down, especially since there doesn't seem to be a transition between it being down and the model's attack and spell animations
You'd need a time machine to ask Cookie. =p