Gnoll Hood

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This is a collaboration between myself and BrookLyn, who did the terrain work.

West side gnolls would be wise not to lurk in the gnoll hood; scout the river's edge instead.



Brief Notes:

- smaller than all the maps currently in rotation, and less total creep levels (171); everything is closer!

- the very close, weakly guarded merc. camp; unlike any other map, this should encourage new strategies, as well as change existing ones. e.g., merc. rushing, easy merc. accessibility without granting level 2

- tower rush your opponent's base behind the trees! by using canopy trees which occupy 1/4 the area, we made the tree wall shorter, allowing towers to shoot over them

- eat, chop, or destroy your way through trees to the gold mine! by late tier 2/tier 3, players will have chopped an opening to the east/west mines

Gnoll Hood (Map)

19:52, 27th Jan 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
Level 4
Dec 13, 2008
You can't make melee maps have epic terrain really. The 'empty' spaces are for battles and building..

Lookin' finger lickin' good anyway, 5/5.