Gatling Canon

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
This is my second model uploaded here. It is a rapid firing machine that can be used in any maps. My models are all free to edit and you can suggest some improvements and any new ideas to make it better. I also need your feedbacks by commenting below. Enjoy!!

Update 2.0:

-Birth Animation (No more glow thing and animated manually)
-Death Animation (Reworked and added chunks)
-Attack Animation (No more separate models and improved effects too)
-Upgrading the turret model
-Fixed overhead attachment
-Named all unnamed parts
-Portrait Animation
-Portrait Background
-Team Color

Update 2.1:

-Fixed HP bar location

Update 2.2:
-Animations Fixed.
-Turret model changed.
-Resized gatling canon appropriate for realistic approach.
-Optimized nodes.
-Optimized effects.
-Added an arcane version.

*How to use the new version of this bundle?
-Just import all files in the bundle.
-Make sure that the metal chunk file paths inside the warcraft III world editor must be war3mapimported\.

Alternate Version (Model)

Alternate Version (Simple Death Anim) (Model)

Gatling Turret Main (Model)

Gatling Turret Main (Simple Death Anim) (Model)

General Frank
There needs to be only one Stand Ready animation. Please fix that.
Changes made. Works in-game. Approved!

General Frank

Model Moderator
Level 69
Nov 19, 2005
Yes Sir... or I can also remove the emitter 1 if needed...


Update 2.1 Everyone!!
-Fixed HP bar position

Well, variety is good. Just add a version without the custom Particle Emitter 1 and it's fine.