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Garena group - For testing & playing BnG II (Project Page)

Discussion in 'Blades 'n Gore II' started by The Hive Workshop, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]
    If you want to help betatesting Blades 'n Gore II, request to join Garena group 31617.​

    1. Start garena plus
      • If you are using the ancient garena client, upgrade to garena plus first
        (the old garena client does not support groups)
    2. Press [​IMG] and select "Join Groups"
    3. Type in 31617 and press "Search"
    4. Press "Join this group"

    Active map testing and bug reporting can earn your name to the notable betatesters list!

    • Joining the Group
      People may join the garena group for either of the following reasons:
      1. To help betatesting Blades 'n Gore II
      2. To find players or hosts to play the map

      To clarify: the group is meant for both betatesters AND players who are interested in hosting or playing BnG II.
      Benefits of joining the group:
      1. Access to early test versions of Blades 'n Gore II
        • You will be able to experience new map features before the map is updated.
      2. Connection to other BnG II players
        • This makes it much easier to find players or hosts for games.
      3. Chance to help improving the map
        • Finding bugs and giving suggestions is very important to speed up map development.
    • [tr][tdalt]
      [*]Becoming a Notable Betatester
      Group members who frequently help testing the map and give bug reports & suggestions are considered notable betatesters.
      They will be given credit for their contribution in the map and in the map download page.​

      [*]Being Kicked
      Group members may be kicked from the group for the following three reasons:

      1. Trolling or harassing the group
        No, you are not being funny.
        No, groups do not need a troll.
        Yes, you are replaceable.
        People who deliberately harass the group are not welcome and will be removed.

      2. Spamming the group
        Take a deep breath and type full sentences.
        Also, avoid spamming stickers or images.

      3. Being inactive
        This only applies when the group reaches its member limit (which is 170 at the time of writing).
        When member limit is reached, the most inactive members are removed to make space for new members.
        If you are removed, you may rejoin the group at any time.