Gaias Facebook Page

Level 10
Nov 20, 2005
I believe he's posting the updates as a way to "Bump" the tread to keep it at the top and instead of saying "Bump" He updates it. I think it's a smart way of bumping. It updates and bumps at the same time. As you'd notice the dates between posts it's not like a day apart and he's just waiting to inform you on each new member that joins they are weeks at a time. This way members of the Gaias community can continue to see that there is a Gaias Facebook page and in the hopes they will join it. I for one congratulate AnektoD on creating such a facebook group. I think it's a neat idea and never really said it before so props to you +1 for rep
Level 8
May 6, 2010
I dont rly know, what the point of this facebook.

there is much much more gaia players and definatelt of them meet via wc3 channels, Xrealm bots, garena plus chat, skypes.

facebook is kinda useless and contain much less informations than in here.