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Well I am sure that the first comment when you try this map is going 2 be like that: *this map is ridiculous* *this map is stupid* *this map is made by a retard*.....well i actually made it to bring some slapstick into was originally made as a persiphlage for DotA but than it resulted in this.....anyway i hope you have fun with it! i am currently working on some LOTR campaigns and a World Of LOTR *campaign*, a few unusual maps (not unusual in the way of this one) and some special models. !EXCEPT a few models like the Flintlock Rifle (, the rocket launcher (, the baby bottle icon ( and the LoadingScreen Model (NOT ITS SKIN, the skin is SELF-Made) which is from ( was allowed to download it and use it from there.....ALL the other staff is SELF-MADE!!!
!WARNINGS: i have encountered one time the problem that the game crashes (if u restart it works fine again) when there spawn to many units (but you have to play for 2 hours about or more to let this happen)!
Enjoy the playing (as much as you can enjoy it in your way ;) ) and FEEL FREE 2 EDIT, CHANGE, RE-POST THE CHANGED MAP ON that side and to DISTRIBUTE the map to other ppl or sides! you got my permission 2 do whatever you want with that map!

funny, slapstick, stupid, ridiculous, lampooning, degrading

FunnyFighting (Map)

08:03, 6th Jun 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected