Frozen Lakes

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I made this melee map for my upcoming altered melee map Warcraft Alliances which will feature new units for altered factions, better balance, smaller units/bigger buildings, a custom shop, heavier trees, player built walls, custom spells, etc... Anyone interested in learning more or helping me with basic triggers/world edit stuff please let me know. Also if anyone finds any flaws/mistakes or thinks they can improve the map feel free to do so. I might update it as well if you let me know. I cannot speak to the balance of the map but as a veteran player it at least looks balanced as it is.

northrend, icecrown, glacier, melee, map, frozen, lakes, large, huge, twelve

Frozen Lakes (Map)

17:41, 17th Jun 2013 Orcnet: please fill up a better map description next time as well on abgm's review




17:41, 17th Jun 2013
Orcnet: please fill up a better map description next time as well on abgm's review
Level 3
Oct 11, 2009
Thanks for having a look at it abgm. I did wonder if the empty terrain would bother players but I was going for a tundra feel that cannot be achieved without it. I plan to add player built walls into the altered melee version so that combined with multiple players will hopefully solve the problem for me (I was thinking players would want to expand into the open places using walls). The outer expansions do lack trees but again I was aiming for a tundra environment/feel and the tundra doesn't have many trees; the lack of outer trees forces the player to expand towards the middle, and while it is unorthodox I would argue new gameplay styles are not a bad thing. Still I will consider adding more trees and in the altered melee I will increase the lumber value of the trees. As for adding doodads, I didn't see any I wanted to add but if someone can think of something specific that will add to the feel of the map I'll go ahead and do so. I put the center camps in camp mode so that units running through the middle would not necessarily be killed but I like having creeps defending gold mines attack within ~450 range instead of 200, makes you feel like they are not just standing there. Thanks again.