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[Trigger] Frame Button [not lua]

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Level 32
Aug 6, 2015
Hello everyone , i am in need of a button frame type for a skin selection or my project , was wondering if someone could help me.
Description : Button should open a window where players can select a different skin for their helm/armor/sword/spear/helm/hero glow/player color.

Few points id like to highlight why i don't have the knowledge to do it myself and what id want this request to fulfill here.

- I am a GUI user mostly , so i can't really understand all JASS, but i do know how to change some lines of stats if needed (for example icon paths ,variable names - simple stuff), if someone will take this request , can you please provide some ways for me to modify or to do different actions when selecting the skin , for example Player - selected Helm - Skin 1 , so i would know that he selected that and could do proper actions - for example giving the hero one ability and removing another (since the skins will work via attachments type spell )

- My project is using a save/load custom system that is saving custom level/achievements/player wins on different difficulties
(i want to make some skins available only after players achieved different heights , for example let say i have 5 helms skins (first helm is colored and available since its the default one , the next 4 are locked behind the different requirements so i want them to be dark color (like turned off icon) and available only after completing different things (for example achieving level 10/20/30 on custom save/load level , or completing hell+ difficulty for last helm) - all of the save/load levels are working with integer variables so i guess it could be possible to make requirements depend on this save/load integer numbers.

- Having an option to turn on/off the Skin button (for example turning it on only if player loaded in the game , and turning it off when i want - for example after 3 minutes of the game passed)

All of the images bellow and button style is just a refference i am open to any other ideas or other style that could also work in terms of what i want to achieve.

Image Refference 1 - Skin Button Pressed - info showed.

Skin Button PressedOne.png

Image Refference 2 - Item Armor Skin Button Pressed - Detailed info showed.
  • Tthe dark icons are the one that are unavailable to pick - would be nice to have a text shown if they are unavailable if the player hover the mouse over them . for example text : you need level 20 or you need to complete this difficulty.
  • The arrow icons are the one to roll forward/backwards if there are more then 5 icons in the list if needed.
  • The Hero Glow and the Player color buttons are showed in the same way of choice of pick as the skins for helm/armor/spear/.
  • The Hero Color is the player color.

Skin Button PressedDetailed.png
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