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Here is my best and first skin ever.Hope ya
like it.

forest, elf, ranger, archer

ForestElfArcher2 (Texture)

THE_END: Obviously she also went through some radiation It hurts my eyes...:(




THE_END: Obviously she also went through some radiation
It hurts my eyes...:(
Level 23
Jul 18, 2004
It's your first... of course that makes it your best skin yet.

For better feedback, make sure your screenshot is lighted well- the shading of the map now covers up much detail on your archer.

About the skin- the texture you used looks interesting. it's a shame we can't see much of it in the screenshot. Oh, and also make a screenshot from the back, so we can see the cape.
Level 2
Jun 4, 2004
Far more effort was put into this than into 90% of other "first skins" on this and it shows.

The cape can't be alphaed out because it has team colour.

Shade the leaf areas a bit more; increase the contrast on the shades, and add dark areas near armour joins and so on. You should also try and give the impression of folds in the cape (by alternating dark and light highlights along it).

Really nice to see someone freehanding on their first skin....
Level 3
Sep 19, 2006
1) Blood Elves don't have green hair, only black, blonde and brown to my knowledge. Maybe red too.
2) While it's a very light purple, almost passing as white, Blood Elves don't have purple skin
3) We already have a Blood Elf archer and Blood Elf Ranger hero in WC3 already, why not use them instead of this?
4) Blood Elves don't wear green cloths our have green weapons

Other than lore mistakes, it's a good skin, just not for what it was intended. 3/5