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Forest Troll Models (Re-Classic Pack)

Forest Troll Models

- Added Forest Troll Shadow Priest
- Added Forest Troll Shadow Priest Alternate
- Adjusted the shoulderpads
- Removed the unused tracks
Base Model Credits
Author's Notes
More Forest Troll models will be added here.:smile:
The beard of the Forest Troll Shadow Priest is from Forest Troll Blood Drinker by Deolrin so credits and thanks to him for giving me permission to use it.
Visit Johnwar's Models Discussion for updates and links for my models. :smile:

Forest Troll (Model)

Forest Troll Alternate (Model)

Forest Troll Axe Missile (Model)

Forest Troll Shadow Priest (Model)

Forest Troll Shadow Priest Alternate (Model)

General Frank
Lovely edited and optimized models. Useful for many mappers. Models work in-game and perform well. Good job.
Level 64
Feb 14, 2018
A statement and two things, if I may?

Statement: I really like how you meshed your Forest Troll Axethrowers! I have a few things in which the extinct pack The Great Troll War offers.

1: Could you animate your trolls, so their attack animations do not involve throwing two axes but only one, given that each attack throws one axe?
2: Could you "alternate" their attack, so they go melee with axes? (They don't have to carry battle axes on their backs like GTW's Axethrowers, but they could use the axes they have as melee weapons.

That's all.
Thanks, if it involves doing animations I can't do that because I don't know how to at the moment. :smile:
And I am not trying to copy the Great Troll War(I didn't even know it exist until now), I am making Classic models inspired by the Reforged.:smile:
Anyone can edit the models that I make.:thumbs_up: